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First Blog

Hello world! As this is my first official blog post, I thought I would introduce myself a bit. My name is Hannah, or as my family calls me, Hannah Banana. I’m a teenager growing up in a small town in Illinois with my parents and seven younger siblings.

I am a very big book worm, so I love any and all book genres, and my blog has a page with book reviews. But as much as I love all the nerdy stuff that I do in my life, I love fashion. No, my style is NOT frilly, I’m not a girly-girl in any way. I tend to love the more mature makeup looks. 

I can be quite a social butterfly at times and I enjoy being around people. People bring out some of the best parts of me!

I love healthy eating, and you can find some of my favorite healthy recipes on my Recipe Page. This blog is a way to share my thoughts with the world, a way for me to express myself, and a way for you to learn more about what goes through my over imaginative brain. Yes. You should probably be worried. Now you know a little bit about me, but be assured. You more that likely learn more! All of my friends know that I can’t really keep many secrets! 😉

It’s so exciting for me to be able to start my own blog, something I’ve wanted to do since I was a little girl! I love the thought of being able to write about my life, which is SO interesting *NOT*, when writing is my entire life! 

I hope that you enjoy what you read here, and you are actually able to take away something from what I write. I’ll be writing anything and everything between! And I hope that what you read you can actually understand. I tend to be a little scatterbrained…

I’m going to be posting a blog every Monday morning, but if I have the time, I’ll post more than that. 😉 And no need to worry, cause I knew that was goring for you to read, this is just an introduction blog! Another post is out, just look on blog page! 

See ya next time, 



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