Top 20 Star Wars Characters

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This is a list that has taken blood, sweat, and tears to create, so please, enjoy it! Okay, I’m just kidding… But seriously, this was a hard list to create! There are SOOOOO many more characters I would love to add, but I made myself do it. I made myself only do 20. Which is still laughably a lot… But, if you are as big of a Star Wars fan as I am, enjoy this “masterpiece” I have created! If you don’t, I might just have to hunt you down… Just kidding! Just kidding! 

Possible Small Spoilers Ahead

*If you haven't watched, and are planning to watch any of the following, stop reading now (Unless you're like me and kinda enjoy a few spoilers here and there...I know, I'm a bit of a weirdo).

-The Mandalorian-
-The Skywalker Saga (movies 1-9)-
-The Clone Wars-
# 20 – Migs Mayfeld (The Mandalorian)

I love Mayfeld, but only during the second season of The Mandalorian. He is much better than before! 

Migs is a little naïve in some ways, but it mostly makes for laughs. He is one of the few “bad guy” characters that I was sad to see leave.

# 19 – Anakin Skywalker (Skywalker Saga) 

I was one of the people who watched the originally produced movies first, then the actual movies 1, 2, and 3. And I never liked Darth Vader. He was okay, but I just didn’t understand why he would want to kill his own son and all.

Then I watched the original movies, and he story started to make sense. Helping him make it on the list. But to remind you. Anakin Skywalker made the list. Not Darth Vader. In my opinion they are two different people. 

# 18 – Asajj Ventress (The Clone Wars)

Ventress was one of those bad guys/girls that you really loved and hated at the same time. Sometimes they say or do something that just makes you want to put them as your favorite character ever. Then they go and kill someone you really liked…

It’s a hate/love relationship. 😥

#17 – Chewbacca (Skywalker Saga)

Chewie was always one character that I loved! He was always one to make you laugh cause even though he wasn’t speaking a language you knew, you knew exactly what he was saying.

(Also, my dad can make the sound Chewie makes, and its so similar its slightly scary. Just a fun little fact I thought you might want to know.😉) 

#16 – Yoda (Skywalker Saga) 

I haven’t always liked Yoda. He was just OK, but then I watched all the movies, and let me tell you, he’s like that older reletive that is always giving you the advice that you get mad at, then turn around and do it anyway.

Besides, he’s green, has an awesome voice, and is so cute! In a very old way… Like, a 900 year old cute…

#15 – Amilyn Holdo (Skywalker Saga)

This women isn’t a fourth as popular as I would like her to be! She is an absolutely amazing Admiral, one who ends up SACRIFICING herself to save everyone else’s lives. 

She also had a bit of sass, but in a very calm and colected manner… Anyone remember her and Poe Dameron’s interactions? *throws hands in the air* Okay! Okay! I’ll stop! I just really like her! 

# 14 – Mace Windu (Skywalker Saga)

I wish this man could be higher on the list! He is so amazing, and I shamelessly cried when he died. Now, I can’t promise this, but I would bet that when my family watched this, I wasn’t the only wan with a tear rolling down their face. But I digress.

# 13 – Padmé Amidala (Skywalker Saga)

Padmé is a defenitly one of the best female characters of the Star Wars Universe. She is calm, rational, and very diplomatic. 

#12 – Cassian Andor (Rogue One)

Andor is one of those characters that you just fall in love with within the first few seconds of knowing him. He believes that everything he does is for the Rebellion, and in some cases it comes across as dark, but he is not without a conscience. Something that he shows throughout the film.

He and his crew met the same heartbreaking fate at the end of the movie. One that will make you want to sob until there are no more tears to be shed.

# 11 – Leia Skywalker (Skywalker Saga)

Leia is a force to be reckoned with! One of the stronger women in the Universe, who isn’t afraid to wield a blaster! 

She is continually showing that she is a Skywalker, and that she knows what she’s doing. Even as she gets older and starts to use the Force, she still is as strong if not stronger than ever!

# 10 – Poe Dameron (Skywalker Saga)

Poe is a pilot who is too headstrong for his own good, as it tends to get him in trouble with his superiors. He might have been stunned with a blaster by Leia… 

Poe is also best friends with Finn, and it is very fun to watch their friendship grow from enemies to BFFs. 

# 9 – Jyn Erso (Rogue One)

Jyn is a women who’s main focus in life is to merely survive. After her mother was shot and killed by the Empire and her Father taken she was raised by Saw Gerrara-a rebel radical-until she was sixteen.

She joins the Rebels after seeing a hologram of her father, and joins Cassian Andor and others to steal the plans for the Death Star. Both Cassian and Jyn and amazing characters. And I definitely ugly cried when they died.


# 8 – Rey (Skywalker Saga)

Rey is by far one of my favorite characters! We get to see her grow, mature, and gain a family of her own. 

We get to see her try her hardest to bring Kylo to the light, and we all feel so pleased for her after she succeeds. But immediately after, we are gifted with a heart wrenching scene… One that I will not elaborate on. 

# 7 – Gro Gru or The Child (The Mandalorian)

HE’S SO CUTE! Okay, okay. That’s not all… But come on! You have to agree! He’s pretty cute! Then add that he has the Force and has Mando for his dad.

Which is pretty much all you need in life. Right?

# 6 – Ahsoka Tano (Clone Wars)

There is so much to love about this character! She’s as smart as a whip, has a great sense of humor, and had Anakin for a Master. She has a lot of things going for her! 

I loved watching her grow and mature as a character, face her fears, and become a remarkable person. No, not a Jedi. That is very important to remember. 🧐

# 5 – Cara Dune (The Mandalorian) 

Cara is a very strong character, one who isn’t afraid pick her own fights! She is an amazing fighter, who helps Mando out of several sticky situations! 

I love that around mostly everyone, she is her tough self, but at certain times, especially if Gro Gru is around, you see a bit of a softer side to her. 

It makes her a very memorable character that I absolutely love! 

# 4 – Mando or Din Djarin (The Mandalorian) 

Mando is the absolute PERFECT character! Someone who is seems to be a tough exterior, one who follows The Code perfectly. Never breaking any rules. 

But when it comes to Gro Gru, he is willing to risk it all to save him. A true Dad! 

# 3 – Kylo Ren (Skywalker Saga)

Okay, I’ll just admit it now. I’m a big Kylo fan. I love watching him change as the movies progress, and his and Rey’s relationship is so full of ups and downs it kept me on the edge of my seat! 

When he died, I truly cried. Like, ugly crying at its worst. 

# 2 – Han Solo (Skywalker Saga)

I’m going to expose myself greatly right now and just say. I have had a crush on Han Solo since I was like, 10. So, as you can imagine, when he died, I cried. To be honest, I cried BEFORE he died cause I knew it was coming! 

Its terrible, but I really like how mouthy he was. Han was a nobody, but he was so confident that he was smart with Princess Leia herself!

# 1 – Obi-Wan Kenobi (Skywalker Saga)

Obi-Wan! I can NOT get over how much I like him! How can he NOT be your favorite!? He’s sarcastic, funny, and an amazing Jedi too! 

I love watching him in every stage of his life. Padawan, Master, then Master again. He trained two great Jedi in his life, Anakin and Luke. 

One of whom killed him. And let me tell you…I have NEVER cried that hard during a movie. NEVER. And we will end with that before I cry just thinking about it. 

I guess that ends my first blog! I hope you enjoyed, and will be back soon! I upload a blog post every Monday, but don’t forget to check out my other pages! 

Disclaimer – I do not own these images. 

10 thoughts on “Top 20 Star Wars Characters”

    1. Deborah,
      You really do like the original trilogy! Honestly, I never really liked Luke! To be honest, I always thought he was a little winey, ready to give up a little to easy… I do love the fact that he helped Darth Vader see the good in himself though!

  1. *high five* Another SW fan! DUDE, my ultimate favorite is Obi-Wan, toooooo! I love him so much. As a padawan he is honestly an adorable cinnamon roll… and as a master he is still a cinnamon roll. XD And yeah, I had a major crush on him when I was younger, now I just like him in a different way.
    Like you said in a comment on my blog, we are so similar yet so different. Like, I hate Kylo Ren and you love him. XD Sorry, I just can’t stand him.
    My top five characters would go like this:
    1. Obi-Wan
    2. Mando
    3. Han Solo
    4. Cassian Andor
    5. Luke
    6. Chewie
    7. Leia
    8. Jyn
    9. Poe
    10. Darth Maul

    Oh man. It just occurred to me that most of those are guys… XP I’ve got to admit, Anakin, Padme, and Kylo Ren annoy me sooooo much. *hides from your wrath*

    1. YAY! Star Wars fangirls!!!
      *wilts and grows at the same time*
      You’re good! No wrath here! Most everyone I know doesn’t like Kylo… I’m used to it! *wink*
      You’re list is good! I like all of them EXCEPT Darth Maul! He killed Satine! (from Clone War) Sorry…. But your list is good other than him!

        1. Oh yes, well I haven’t actually watched The Clone Wars, mostly just because I can’t get over the weird animation. XD I just like Maul cuz he’s prolly one of the coolest villains for me (even though he dies in the very first movie he’s in. XD Although, I’m told he somehow comes back in The Clone Wars?)

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