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So by now, you’re probably wondering, “Who in the WORLD is Tico?”… And I’ll happily tell you! Tico was a stray calico kitten that showed up on one of our relatives doorsteps, the relative couldn’t keep her because of her dogs. So, she tried several different people before finally texting my Nana. 

Now, this was on a Sunday, and my family and I normally go to my Papa and Nana’s house for Sunday dinner. So, the second I walked through the door, Nana shows me a picture of the CUTEST kitten I had ever seen, and tells me it needs a home. 

I couldn’t tell her yes or no because, obviously I still live with my parents, and they probably wouldn’t be very happy if I was to excepted this kitten without asking first.

So, naturally, the second THEY walk through the door, I stick the picture in their faces and start begging. Somehow, and I really mean SOMEHOW I was able to convince them that I was responsible enough to take this kitten home. Now, this was Sunday, January 17, and that day was REALLY cold were we live.  So I convinced them that one night inside would be okay… Again, SOMEHOW…

That night Nana sent us home with kitten feed and litter, and I just figured that it was a one night thing. To tell you a bit of backstory, I had tried already with a kitten of my own that lost the rest of its litter. And that was a definite NO, so I thought there was no way this would be any different.

This kitten was the SWEETEST thing EVER! I slept on the floor with it that night to make sure I was awake if I had to clean up a bathroom mess. 

As soon as I had played down in my blanket on the ground, it came and curled up at my neck, and fell right asleep. I had a hard time falling asleep, but eventually I did. 

I woke up the next morning to her nibbling on my ear trying to get me to wake up! This was pretty early in the morning. Some time around 4:30 a.m. I believe. I went and checked the litter box, and to my amazement, sometime during the night she had used it a few different times. 

I just kept quiet about the kitten, who by then had her name, Tico, in hopes that they would forget about it! (such a smart technique, I know! 🤣) That week was one that was freezing cold, and snowing. So I knew I would at least have a few days with her inside. 

Around the third day I started to drop quiet hints about her maybe becoming an inside cat permanently, and they didn’t ever tell me no! Then out of the blue, on Thursday last week, that they were okay with her staying inside permanently! Well, my Dad did say he was reserving the right to kick her out of the house if needed… 

Anyhow, I just love her SO much that I couldn’t help writing something about her! And giving her a page of her own… She is such a cuddle-bug, and LOVES to sleep. As I’m writing this she is sleeping on my bed beside The Child, and has been since after lunch. 

She still has to be fixed so we don’t have to worry about her accidently getting pregnant or causing problems, and get her declawed. Which this mom is NOT looking forward to. 😢

I’ll be posing random updates and other somewhat-interesting things about her off and on because I love her!

She sleeps in the weirdest positions sometimes! 🤣

I couldn't help but take this picture! It looks like the child is petting her!

This was the first night she was here, she just snuggled up to my neck and went to sleep! (And please ignore the fact that it was night and I had no makeup on!😅)

This was a few nights ago while I was working out. She just crawled up in the bed and sat there like that waiting for me!

This was just this morning! I told you she was lazy!

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  1. Awwww, Tico is so cute! This kind of sounds like the situation with my kitty Joy, I was volunteering at a wildlife rehab center and they got a tiny kitten in who had been left by her mama, and they don’t take in domestics. So obviously I wanted to keep that little one lol I took her home and was feeding her trying to get her back to health and my mom was like “We are NOT keeping that cat” and we’ve had her for 3 years now lol

    I really enjoyed reading this post!

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