Ways To Stay Focused While Studying

Personally, I have really struggled in the past with focusing while studying, and these were some tips that have helped me stay focused! You can try one at a time, two, or do all of them! Now, this list is more for the ladies, because I honestly doubt there are any guys reading this 😅, and I know these things work for me. I don’t really know if they would be helpful for a guy! But who knows!

1. Find a Location that works for you

Location, location, location…  I have found that studying in a location that is enjoyable to you is everything. If it is a beautiful day, the sun is shining, and the birds are chirping, then consider taking some of your school outside! If it is the middle of winter (like it is now), then maybe try to go to a different part of the house, or move from where you normally sit. I usually do my work in my bedroom at my desk, but every now and then I will feel slightly claustrophobic and move my school to the dining room table, or the living room. Now, that doesn’t always work! If you have siblings like I do, you have to take them into consideration! But, if you can, try moving from your normal spot and see how it goes.

2. Get Rid of distractions

I am easily distracted (imagine that🙄), and if you are the same way, this tip is a must! A few ways to get rid of distractions is to take anything that could be a potential distraction off of your desk or work area. Any extra notebooks, I know that my drawing book is a big problem for me… I will get bored and flip through the pages only to see something I want to change. And before I know it, I’ve spent the last thirty minutes drawing! (put only the things you need on the desk) Move your phone and make SURE to turn off your notifications! Cause if you hear that phone ding with a text, you’re gonna go check it out. Then you’re going to want to reply. Then maybe look at Pintrest. And you’ll never get any work done! 

3. Create a plan for the day…

Anyone who knows me personally, knows that I LOVE daily lists! It’s a fun habit for me, and it keeps me on track. Make a list of the different things you need to do in a day, then give yourself a minimal time limit. That way you can make sure you study enough! 

4. & Keep track of what you have done that day

Make sure that as you go about your day, you are checking off the things you did on your list. It makes you feel very accomplished, and also as the list grows shorter, you have more drive to finish the last bit! 

5. Eat Chocolate

This one is definitely more for us ladies. I LOVE chocolate, and Dark Chocolate can actually help with your brain concentrate more. I would definitely recommend you looking into all that dark chocolate can do for your body in your spare time! My favorite brand of dark chocolate would have to be Ghirardelli, and get their 86% cacao. Now mind you, I’ve been on a diet for over a year, and have consumed much sugar in that time, so it is a nice flavor for me. But someone hasn’t had much real dark chocolate, should be prepared for the bitter flavor. 

6. Don’t Study in bed

This one is a struggle for me, because I love to study in bed, but to be honest, I can’t count the times that I’ve fallen asleep in bed with my school books as my pillow. So, if you have a hard time leaving your warm bed to study, maybe grab a blanket, or go sit in front of a heater while you study.

7. Listen to Music

Now, you may be thinking, I already do listen to music while I study! Maybe you’re listening to your favorite Christian music, or some Pop, or maybe Country, but, did you know that those types of music can hinder your study? Now, I don’t pretend to know exactly why, but I do know that if it is a song with lyrics, I am GOING to sing with it! Which is why I would recommend instrumental music. If you have Spotify, you can find my account at cx78rx3uoontqj6x2i8ed9jeq, where I have several instrumental playlists. If you don’t have Spotify, there are many long instrumental music videos on YouTube that you can find, and Pandora works well too! 

These are just some of the MANY tips out there! If you have the time, and maybe none of these work out for you, Definitely look around and see what you can find. And please tell me in the comments your own tips that you use! I would love to know! 

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10 thoughts on “Ways To Stay Focused While Studying”

  1. Deborah A. Staniforth

    Thanks, Hannah! I’m gonna have to use these to help me study… I just might get too distracted… ?

    Also, music does help (not to mention chocolate as well!)!! I love listening to classical music while I study.

  2. Good tips! I totally agree with all of them! (Especially the chocolate eating part…my only problem is that I don’t always eat the healthy chocolate, and end up consuming WAY too many M&Ms…LOL)

  3. I’m definitely going to try these out, Hannah!! I too can get easily distracted (y’all haven’t noticed that, have you?!), so I am thankful for any tips that I can get!!

    I think often times my biggest distraction can be siblings AND music, so I definitely like instrumentals! However, I still listen to regular music! (I guess there are some habits you can’t break!)

  4. I definitely enjoyed reading this post! I pretty much always listen to music while I do schoolwork, except instrumentals put me to sleep ? so I mostly listen to Country and Shawn Mendes. I get so distracted whenever I have any paper close to me, I’ll just be sitting there “taking notes” but instead my paper is covered in random doodles. By the way, still waiting to see your drawings!!

    1. *laughs* I tend to doodle too! You think you’re taking notes then you look down and realize that you’ve covered an entire piece of paper in just random stuff!??
      And I’m thinking about working on that post today! Or at least working on the actual drawings today! *shrugs* we shall see what gets done!

  5. Hello! I had your blog recommended to me by a friend and I love it!
    This post is so helpful. I have a very short attention span so studying is very hard for me. Like you, I am easily distracted by messages and *ahem* Pinterest.
    I love instrumentals! I listen to them the most because they are so calming and help me think. Sadly, my mom doesn’t believe me and think music is a distraction. Lol
    I’ll be looking out for more posts!

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