you’re not enough (and that’s okay) – Allie Beth Stuckey

If you read my Goals of 2021 blog post, than you might remember that one goal was to read one non fiction book every month. This was my book for January, and let me tell you. It was exactly what I needed! This was a very light weight book, and I was able to finish it in a single car ride, but what is written one those pages carry a lot of meaning. I would recommend this book to ANYONE. Girls, boys, women, and men. It seems to be mainly written with women in mind, but can be applied to anyone! 


This book was hard for me to swallow in a way. I’ve seen plenty of the self-love agenda in the media, and always thought that it was good to love yourself. Now, I am under no means saying you shouldn’t! You should love who you are, and what God made you to be! But, there is a point that you should realize that loving yourself isn’t everything. You ARN’T enough. You’ll never be enough! And that’s okay. Because we have an amazing God who IS enough! 

This book is very grounded in Christian principles, and is a different read than most Christian books of this genre. Anyone who is looking for a soft read that will make you feel good about yourself. This is not a book for those who are easily offended! Allie gets straight to the point, and isn’t afraid to tell it like it is. 

I would rate this book a 10/10 for its straight forwardness and the amazing content. Definitely a must read! If this isn’t already on your TBR list, it needs to be! 

-Allie Beth Stuckey- 


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