My Biggest Fears

So I know you probably clicked on this post, and the thought crossed your mind that, oh, well this is just going to be one of those funny, and slightly sarcastic lists filled with petty fears. And to be honest, there are a few silly fears of mine! But, I’m also going to be honest. I’m going to tell the truth, though that can be hard to do! Some things written are not things I would normally want to tell anyone, but you can’t tell only half of the truth. So, buckle up, this could be a bumpy ride! 

P.S. The reason I didn’t add photos like I normally do is because I didn’t want to be looking at pictures of some of the things I fear most. To BE honest, some of these had me close to tears at reliving some well buried memories. 


#1 Losing Loved Ones

As I’m sure many others have as well, I have lost my own share of close family members to accidents. When I was only 8 years old, a freak accident took one of my closest family members, since then I have been paranoid about something happening to those that I love the most. For a while I had a hard time riding in any type of vehicle or being around any heavy equipment because a machine was involved in the accident. It didn’t help when just recently two other family members died in a car accident and another (in the same car) almost died from the injuries. These accidents, and a few others have caused paranoia in my life that at times can be crippling.  


#2 Disappointing Others 

I feel like this fear in some sense can be seen as pride, then on the other hand, I truly HATE disappointing anyone. It tends to make me act differently around others, and become a shell of what I truly am. Any test I take, any recital I play in, any speech I say, I must do my best. I must be the best of the best. Anyone I’m around must only see a happy smile, they can’t think that I’m not perfect. Which if anyone reading this struggles with this as well, you know that all those hurtful things said that you just brush off, and smile at, because NO ONE can see you unhappy and imperfect, is going to either cry about into your pillow, or furiously write about it in your journal. 


#3 No One Remembering Me

No. I don’t mean in a historical/famous way. I mean, no one CARING enough to remember me after I’m gone. No one LOVING me enough to care that I’m not there. I want my siblings to miss me. My spouse and/or children wish I was there with them. To be forgotten is a horrible thought, one that at times can make you want to never wake up.


#4 Spiders & Heights 

These two are more on the silly side, but they are things I am terrified at. I can hardly climb on park equipment because of the heights… Yeah. And spiders aren’t any better. I still squeal in terror when I see Daddy-Long-Legs…

I just wanted to end this with saying that I did not write this with the intentions of garnering sympathy. I originally intended this to be slightly serious, but it turned out far more personal that I thought it would. Please don’t feel sorry for me, or assume that was what I wanted. I am just sharing a part of my life. Things that I fear. Things that make me want to hide. I would love to know things that you fear, if you are willing to share. 

Large or small, all things are important to our Savior who loves and cares for his children.


12 thoughts on “My Biggest Fears”

  1. Wow. I agree with you on a lot of those fears. I think one of my biggest fears is failure. I am terrified to disappoint others or to not live up to their standard. And often times, I judge myself harder than others judge me. But, that is why it is so so important that we know who we belong to, and who He says we are! We don’t have to be perfect and we don’t have to have our life figured out. We just have to trust that God is in control and that He is ALWAYS good and faithful to us, even when we aren’t “perfect.”

  2. I admire you for this! How many people get down to their deepest fears and share them, completely honestly? I can say that I, for one, have not. Perhaps that is actually one of my fears, telling people of my true, deep feelings. I’ve always had trouble with that. I guess maybe it has something to do with the fear of being judged. Even though I know that the people who are around me, the fellow Christians, will NOT judge me.
    Ah, Hannah. *hugs you* I know very well this post was not to gain sympathy, but I cannot refrain from giving at least a little. <3 To lost a loved one, indeed multiple loved ones, is one of the the most awful things. I haven't even experienced it yet, but the chance looms over my head. My grandparents may not be far from it. In the past two years many of my friends and my family's friends have lost dear ones, and seeing it is so painful. But in the grief almost all of these people have comfort because they know their family member or friend is in Heaven. That gives me great comfort, because when the time comes I will have that same assurance for almost all of the people I love.
    I mean, one of the silly things I fear is sharks and I've never even been to the ocean or seen one in real life. XD
    Giving you a huge smash of the follow button! It always makes me so happy so find another brother of sister in Christ!
    Also, I simply can't refrain from saying that you are so beautiful! <3

    1. Oh my gosh! Can I just say that I just squealed VERY loudly… Wow. Thank you SO much!
      *hugs back* It is one of the greatest feelings knowing that you shall meet your saved relatives in glory someday!
      *smiles and blushes at overly kind complement* You shouldn’t have! And you’re very pretty too!

  3. Hey, great article! I really admire that you admit them, and feel willing to share them with us! It’s not easy to share things like that, but I can say from experience, it really encourages people like me!

  4. Hey Hannah, I think this is awesome that you put yourself out there in telling us not just what you’re scared of, but what you fear most. One of my fears is making a bad first impression, and never getting to show them who I actually am. I’d be really sad if someone ever said something like, “I met this girl one time, I think her name was Lolana or something, she was really weird and mean, I never want to see her again.” I spelled my name wrong on purpose because a lot of people think my name starts with an L, but it’s actually an I. Do you have Flickr? If you do, I’ll follow you. God Bless! : )

    1. Hi, Iolana! thanks for the support! It is really appreciated!
      I fear making a bad impression as well! It is something I can relate too.
      No, I do not have Flickr… Sorry! I know what it is, but I don’t have it myself.
      I hope you have a blessed day!

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