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Okay, so I had someone tell me that they were waiting for me to post this, so I figured why not do it now! We have some crazy cold weather right now, and we are all stuck inside, so I have had quite a bit of extra time on my hands! 

Now, let me warn you. These drawings aren’t finished, and will undoubtedly have many changes just in the next week! And they’re not very good either. Just so you know…

I have probably a fourth of the book you see pictured above filled, and I’m not stopping any time soon! These are drawings that I drew all on printer paper, before I was gifted this book for Christmas and I glued them all in. So I have been finishing and tweaking all of them for the past few months. 

I’m just going to start with three, and we shall see how long it takes me to post a few more…

Anna. (from the Disney movie Frozen for anyone who didn’t know…) 

I was searching the internet some time last year and came upon this drawing/image of Anna with her hand down and fell in love with it! It took a lot of work and shading (which I LOVE, and I’m told I’m good at…), but here it is! 

(And yes, all three images are Frozen characters)


Olaf (I’m just putting their names in because I don’t know if anyone can read my TERRIBLE handwriting)

I love everything about this drawing except for his eyes… And maybe nose. They both (all three?) need work and I having quite figured those out yet. 

And I couldn’t help but do a little cup of hot cocoa. I just had too! Which annoyingly bleed though to Anna. The same thing has happened several times in my poor book. *silently cries* 


Elsa (Last one! *the torture is almost over with!*)

This one was fun to do! I love drawing her hair down, and the little castle on the side was just a little thing I was messing around with. I didn’t think it looked anything like it, but then my little cousin came up and was like “IS THAT ELSA’S CASTLE?!”. So maybe…


So, that’s the end of the torture, but I know more is to come… *sobs* 

Comment any drawing ideas you want to see me do! 

7 thoughts on “My Art”

  1. Girl, these are impressive! You are so dang talented! And you have beautiful handwriting! I’m so happy you made this post, I was really looking forward to it. I hope to see even more of your awesome drawings in the future! 🙂

    1. Awww! Thanks! To tell you the truth I don’t normally have good handwriting, but I decorate cakes and sugar cookies (I kinda had a business at one point) to sell, so my professional handwriting has improved significantly! But yeah… My everyday handwriting is trash! ?

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