Cartoon Drawing

Okay, so I wasn’t planning on posting anything this soon, but I was working on this today, and I’m kinda proud of it! 

And just a little backstory, the reason I have posted SO much in like the last three days is because of the NASTY weather we are experiencing right now! Our part of Illinois is having WAY to much snow for my liking! 

Me! Okay, this is what I would want to look like if I was a cartoon character… I need more work (*laughs* that sounds so weird to say), but I was just so proud that I thought I would share 😉


Yeah, so that was what I did today! 

Okay, so for a big of fun, comment down below your favorite winter memory/activity! 

Mine would have to be on really cold nights when my siblings and I were little, and my whole family would cuddle on the couch and have family devotions (That was before there were 8 of us kids!). Also, it was one of the VERY few times that I didn’t mind touching other people! 😅 I’m really not a touchy person! 

But I digress… 

8 thoughts on “Cartoon Drawing”

  1. Ohh! Good job Hannah! And what are you talking about with too much snow?! *wink* Don’t worry….I’m just kidding! We have gotten SO much snow! I think that this is the most that we’ve gotten in several years! One of my favorite things to do is to ride the sleds behind the four- wheelers! As a child it was fun and exciting, and now at my old age (not really, but hey, why not! ?) I still find it just as exciting!

  2. Wow, Hannah, this is really good! *applauds you*

    What, way too much snow?? Where I used to live we would get a lot of snow but now that I’ve moved we’ve hardly gotten any! It’s disappointing, really. I used to love sledding down our big hill with my brother, trying to dodge trees lol

  3. That’s so good!! I’ve never really been able to draw cartoons? When I draw I tend to do a project that is kinda way too hard for me and it takes me weeks to finish… but then a lot of times I don’t finish it. XD

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