Answering Your Questions!

Howdy, Banana’s! (Yes, I am LOVING the nickname! Finally! Payback on anyone that has ever called me Hannah Banana! *chuckles wickedly*)

Alrighty, so Brooklyn won the “competition” I held last week, so here are my answers to the questions! Buckle up, it might be a wild ride! *smirks*


Q. What is your favorite animal?

A. So this question is a bit of a predicament… It depends on what type of animal you mean. My favorite domestic animal would have to be a cat. It used to be rabbits, but I found that I am slightly allergic to them(which is a problem because I have like 10… Maybe more).  My favorite non-domestic animal would probably be an Arctic Wolf. My favorite aquatic animal would be a SeaHorse. 


Q. Who is your favorite Preacher? Or Preachers?

A. Brooklyn. You forget that my own dad is a preacher… So, here goes (prepare for a long list (and NO these are not listed in favorite to least. Its just how I wrote them down!)). Dustin Hawkins, Josh Case, Nick Wiseman, Kyle Kearbey, John MacArthur, Justin Peters, Todd Friel, Voddie Baucham. And there are probably more that I can’t think of. 


Q. What is your favorite brand of makeup?

A. So I don’t really have a FAVORITE, but I do use Covergirl the most, and Maybelline NY comes in as a close second. 


Q. What is your favorite pastime activity? 

A. Okay, this is easy! Reading! Writing! Drawing! Cuddling Tico!


Q. If you could talk to anybody, from the past or the present, who would it be and why?

A. For the past I would have to say Jesus! For obvious reasons… And also I would want to talk to Paul, I would want to talk about his conversion story, and his walk with God! For present, I would probably want to talk to John MacArthur, and I would also like to sit down and have a conversation with Candice Owens. Among others! 


Q. What is your favorite book and/or book series? 

A. How could you ask me this!? It’s COMPLETELY impossible to pick! I’m thinking of doing a ‘Books I couldn’t live without’ series (cause it will take several LONG posts to even show half of my favorites!).


Q. If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would it be?

A. Venice Italy! That is actually my dream honeymoon trip! I LOVE the architecture and everything about it!


Q. What is one piece of advice/ wisdom that you have been given (or learned) that has always stuck with you?

A. This was from my Papa, who passed away suddenly a few years ago. He always told me to enjoy being young while I could, and to not waste these precious years. I’m just now realizing how priceless that advice is! As I’m growing older, I’m realizing that you can never get back those years of fun and innocence! 

And that’s all folks! I hope you enjoyed that, and don’t worry, I’ll be answering everyone else’s questions at other times… I can’t let all those good questions go to waste! *wink*

Until next time, Banana’s!


9 thoughts on “Answering Your Questions!”

  1. Great job! It was a hard lineup of questions, and you seemed to have no problem with answering them! (Brooklyn, GREAT questions) BTW, I love the “Bananas” nickname ?

  2. I love your answers Hannah! Very insightful! And I have to agree with you on the preachers! (I was slightly curious if you would put your dad!) ?

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