Spoiled Kitty!

An update! So, Tico has been with me for ALMOST three weeks now, and let me tell you, this kitten is SPOILED! In the photo you see above, she had decided that my chair was her throne, and there was no moving her! 

This is her in her new scratching-post/hammock. She does this funny thing at times were she starts at the other end of the room, crouches down, then runs as fast as she can to jump up in the hammock, before grabbing that fluffy ball you see hanging down with both paws and trying her hardest to *kill* it… Its quite a funny thing to witness! 

This is how she sits when I’m working on my computer, she HAS to be sitting on my left arm, staring at whatever I’m doing on the computer! *shakes head* She’s a funny bird…Cat…Whatever.

This is her deciding to jump up in my lap while I’m in the middle of a test for school, and then look at me like, “who? Me? I’m being a distraction?!”

Um… Yeah… I gave her one of my shelves to sleep in. Don’t ask me why! I don’t really know. I told you she was spoiled! I literally moved some of my favorite books from that shelf so she could sleep there! And the ramp you see In the background… Yeah, that was built JUST for her. It fits right between the white nightstand under her, and my bed to the right. She has it all.

That’s the adorable look she gives me when she wakes me up at midnight, when I hear her rattling my glass cut full of water trying to eat the ice! 

This is her that same night… Eating my ice… At midnight… 

Alrighty Banana’s, that’s all the adorable pictures of Tico for now! You can definitely expect MANY more in the future! *smirk’s and blushes from embarrassment*.

Adiós Banana’s!

2 thoughts on “Spoiled Kitty!”

  1. Oh my gosh, she is SO cute. My cat doesn’t even hardly like me lol she mostly stays with my dad, mom, and brother, and I’m just kind of there LOL
    Can I just say I love the “A smile is the best make-up a girl can wear” sign?!

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