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Okay, so this is just a little-bitty blog, because I wanted to get some of your impute/ideas! So, some of you saw/entered my competition I held a little bit ago, and I wondered if any of you had any ideas for me? Any competitions or challenges you would want to see me do? It can be anything! I LOVE doing what ya’ll ask for, so think away, Banana’s! 

And these can be competitions I host, or things you want me to do personally. I thought I would just clear that up.*smirk* I can be a bit confusing at times…


4 thoughts on “Your Ideas”

    1. *laughs* I wondered if anyone would say anything! A lightbulb represents an idea and such, and as I was searching for a pic I saw one with the said stormtrooper, and I ‘fell in love’… *giggles* You know me!

  1. Well, it’s cool! I was just curious what the exact meaning of it was. Either way, I did have one idea. I would love to see you create your own personality quiz…thingy. Basically I’ve seen them before, where you can create different questions that people answer, and depending on their answers, at the end, they’re one of four things. Like for example, the four things/people/animals could be an elf, a dwarf, human or fairy. Either way, a very complicated challenge

    1. That’s something that I have thought about before, but unless you use something like BuzzFeed, its a very drawn out process! It would be something I wouldn’t have the time to do for a good period of time. Which is unfortunate! It would be very fun!

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