Salutations, Banana’s! Here we go again! 😉

So, I’m gonna keep this sorta short cause I have more questions to answer. Honestly, I don’t know why I did this to myself… Also, I used the same “picker wheel”, and it gave me the hardest questions I was asked. *inward scream*. 

But it’ll be fun. 


Okay. So, I’m not TECHNICLY doing a competition, it’s really not, but then again it sorta is… (anyone noticed that I do … often? Do I use it too much?) 

So, (yes, I’m doing backstory! It’s fun!) I love interior decorating, and my bottom part of the homemade bunk beds that my little sister and I share, (I’ll have to show a picture sometime, it’s not really a traditional bunk bed. I don’t think teenage me could handle traditional bunk beds) has sort of a boho theme. So I have hanging LED lights draped around, and a boho style blanket, and several throw pillows, and then on my shelves I have my many books, and a few trinkets from over the years.  

But one of my favorite things is a little chalk board that my mom gave me a little while ago. It’s small, but I love to write and draw on it depending on my mood. So I thought, wouldn’t it be fun for ya’ll to give me ideas for things to draw on it! 

I can draw or do any sort of saying. Inspirational, spiritual, etc.

I’ll use the infamous “picker wheel” to help me choose what to draw! I thought I could maybe just do it two or three weeks, and maybe do a little discussion on the drawing after whatever I post that Monday. 

Okay. Enough of that nonsense. 

So my dear “picker wheel” decided that it was going to pick Daisy! And for crying out loud, girl! Your questions are hard! But I shall try my best. Here goes!

Q. #1 If you could meet someone who your parents knew, but died before you could meet them, who would it be? For example, the person I would meet would be my aunt Christie, who died a senior in high school, over a decade before I was born.

A. This question was hard for me, and I honestly can’t really think of anyone in particular. I would like to meet my Nana’s sisters who died at a young age, but really no one else. 

Q. #2 What would you do if I came over to your house and started burning all of your favorite books? A weird question that I couldn’t resist asking.

A. Girl, this one had better be a joke! I honestly think you would see a side of me that you’ve never seen before! Probably gag you, bind you hand and foot and stuff you in my closet… Does that work? Or maybe toss you in our fort in the woods… Sound good?

Q. #3 Are we still watching Pirates of the Caribbean together when you turn fifteen?

A. I hope so! I’m really looking forward to watching it! *small squeal* We’ve only got a few months!!! 

Q. #4 If you could have any personality trait or emotional skill what would it be. Examples: Patience, courage, presence of mind, wisdom, so on.

A. I would say the one that I wish I possessed is the courage to speak up. And I don’t mean just in general, I mean when I’m in a situation that I know isn’t right, I tend to be too scared to speak up and voice my opinion. 

Q. #5 What superpower would you have? Just because I am curious. Mine’s flight.

A. The power to read people’s minds. I really don’t know why, but it just seems like something that would fit my personality… And honestly, I like it for personal reasons. Don’t smirk, Daisy. It’s not what you think! Or is it…

Q. #6 When you turn sixteen, what’s the first place you’re going to drive?

A. I really don’t know, maybe to your house? Maybe I’ll take you somewhere! *smirk and does happy dance* I get to drive before you do! 

Q. #7 If you ever lose your memory, what is the memory you would most want to recreate or the first thing you’d want to remember? Depending on how far away it is. Mine would probably be, my wedding, the birth of my first child, then playing war with my siblings in the barn.

A. This one is kinda hard! I would say wedding, first date with said future husband, and finding out I am pregnant with my first child. 

Q. #8 When you want to hide from the world where do you go? The barn, outside, the hayloft, the pond? Four-wheeler riding, jogging, exercising?

A. I either hole up in my room and write in my journal, or I workout. In the fall, I go outside and climb a tree and draw. BTW, I LOVE fall! 

Q. #9 The place you most want to see before you die. Jerusalem? The Caribbean? The smoky mountains? The national monument? The grand canyon?

A. Venice Italy! My dream vacation/honeymoon.

Q. #10 When do you find it hardest to smile? Alone? In a crowd? Inside? Outside? With strangers? With family?

A. I don’t really find it hard to smile! I was informed by my little siblings that I smile ALL the time. Which I don’t, but since I was a little girl I’ve tried to smile at all times. It really comes naturally for me to smile. The only time I can’t smile is when I am truly depressed. 

That’s all folks! Don’t forget to put your saying/drawing you want me to do in chalk, and don’t forget to congratulate Daisy on the amazing questions! 

Toodles, Banana’s!


4 thoughts on “Chalkboard”

  1. Wow, great questions Daisy! To answer your question do you use “…” too much. I don’t think so…is that even a thing?

    You could draw a cactus on your chalkboard. Random, I know, but they’re so fun to draw!

  2. Great questions! (For your chalkboard, you should write the saying, “If you can’t be an example, be a warning” Something I’ve always thought rather funny)

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