I Started a….

A Podcast! 

I really did it! 

Now, I’ve only released a trailer, but I’m SOOOO excited to do more!

My goal with the said podcast is to touch on a ton of different things. Mental health, religion, this blog… etc…

I’m REALLY hoping to do a few thing with my followers! I thought it would be fun to maybe do some interviews (in the future of course), and just fun things with it! 

If you can’t tell already from the exclamation points and capital letters, I’m excited! 

here’s the link for the Anchor website


and you can find me on Spotify as well! 

it’s called – me. myself. and you. Hannah Hawkins


I am SOOOO excited! 

10 thoughts on “I Started a….”

      1. I bet!! Your trailer sounded really good! I can’t wait to see what will come out of this! I can see where it would be a great platform for ministry!!

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