Help Me Name My Characters

So, for those of you who know me in person, you know that I’ve started writing a series I hope to publish called Reimagined Fairy Tales. 

I have finished the first book in the series and hope to publish it in 2022!

But…I’ve run into a bit of a muddle, and I hope ya’ll can get me out of it! 

Below will be a link to a Google form where you can help me name one of my characters! Maybe even two! 

If you help me choose a name, whatever name you put in the Google from will be put with a big thank you in the acknowledgements of the book! 

You will be asked to enter a girl and boy name and I will choose from there! 😉

If there are any problems with the form just contact me and I’ll see if I can fix it! 

I will give out more details about the names etc. after it ends on March 14, and the names I choose will be the topic of my Monday post. 

I am not sure which book the names will be in yet since I am not dead set on the order of the books in the series.

The two winners will be contacted for their chance to do a guest post! If you don’t want to or don’t have time to that is fine but the winners will have the opportunity.

All of the names that are recommended will be put in my list of possible names for future books along with the name of whoever suggested them.

10 thoughts on “Help Me Name My Characters”

        1. It is a reimagining of The Princess and the Pea! I can send you a snippet for them/you to read if you need! Also the book IS a romance story but I keep it VERY clean, aka once kiss in the end of the book and some cute conversations between the couple…. I don’t believe in using cuss words etc. So everything is G rated!

          1. Sounds like it’s gonna be an awesome book! My parents said that I could fill out the form, so I am very excited. I can’t wait for you to publish your book and read it!

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