Guest Post with Lilly from Lilly Bug’s Not-So-Secret-Diary!

Hello Banana’s! 

I’m so excited to share this post with you which was made by a dear blogging friend of mine named Lilly. 

She has a blog called Lilly Bug’s Not-So-Secret-Diary (which you can find here) which is about her travels, music, writing, and baking, among other things! 😉

So, without further adieu! 

Lilly, take it away!

Thank you, Hannah, so much for letting me do this guest post! My very first one! Eeeeek, so exciting. For this post I decided (with the help of Hannah because I’m terrible at making decisions) to do my top 10 musicians, because I listen to SO. MUCH. MUSIC. Therefore, this is really easy and fun for me. 


10. Tauren Wells – Christian Singer. He has SUCH a nice voice and soooo many good songs. Some of my favorites include All God’s Children, Millionaire, and Hills and Valleys


9. Kane Brown – Country Singer. This guy has such a deep voice and I like several of his songs. He definitely sounds country. Some of my favorites are What Ifs, Homesick, and Heaven. 


  1. Rascal Flatts – Country Band. I loveeeeeeeeeee Rascal Flatts. They have a lot of good songs. They are supposed to be country, but my dad thinks they sound more pop LOL. Some of my favorite songs are God Bless the Broken Road, Easy, and What Hurts the Most.


7. The Jonas Brothers – Pop band. They started singing when they were reallyyyy young, and then the band broke up, and then got back together again LOL Hence the name, they are all brothers. They also have a TV show on Disney+ called Jonas. I like their old and new songs. Some of my favorites include Year 3000, Only Human, What a Man Gotta Do, and 5 More Minutes.


  1. Blake Shelton – Country singer. He just seems like such a fun and likeable guy LOL I love watching him on the Voice and he’s one of my favorite coaches. And he has so many good songs. Some of my favorites are God Gave Me You, Austin, and Honey Bee


  1. Ariana Grande – Pop Singer. Ok. How in the world does she hit those high notes?! It’s incredible what she can do. She has also done some acting, one of my favorite shows of hers is Victorious. She has such a beautiful voice. Some of my favorite songs of hers are Breathin (clean), Dangerous Woman, and Problem. 


  1. Jon Pardi – Country singer. He has SUCH a unique voice! Even though he’s a newer country artist he kind of sounds classic country. Some of my favorite songs of his are Ain’t Always The Cowboy and Heartache Medication.


  1. NF – Christian Rapper. I LOVE NF SO MUCH. I really like Christian rap and he is one of the best out there (in my opinion). It’s gonna be so hard for me to list just a few of my favorite songs LOL Some of my favorites (I have many) are How Could U Leave Us, Let You Down, and Outcast.


  1. Thomas Rhett – Country Singer. Most people argue that he isn’t a country singer, but he’s on country radio. I was really hooked on him a while back and learned so many of his songs LOL I got my brother hooked on him too. Some of my favorites of his are Sweetheart, Look What God Gave Her, Notice, Life Changes, and Marry Me. 


  1. Shawn Mendes – Pop singer. Ahhhhhh we got to number one! He has SO MANY good songs. He started singing at the age of 15! He began posting covers of songs on YouTube and one thing led to another and he got famous LOL Some of my favorite songs of his are Life of the Party, Mercy (this is actually my alarm tone LOL), Lost in Japan, Wonder, In My Blood, and Something Big.


Thanks again Hannah for doing this! I had SO much fun

Thanks Lilly! That was awesome! 

Anyway, PLEASE go check out Lilly’s blog, and give her a follow! 

Until next time, Banana’s!

P.S. This is going to count as my Monday post since I am going to be crazy busy this week! 

P.P.S. I’ll probably do something small during the week, but there is a chance I won’t have the time too.

8 thoughts on “Guest Post with Lilly from Lilly Bug’s Not-So-Secret-Diary!”

  1. Ohhh! I loved the blog post!! I definitely have to agree with you on Tauren Wells! He has several songs that I LOVE! ?

  2. I loved this! I love the song ‘Marry Me’ by Thomas Rhett, I know all the lyrics lol. I also love Kane brown, I like ‘Lost in the Middle of Nowhere’ and ‘Better Place’! My aunt got Kane Brown tickets for her birthday, I’m so happy for her! Awesome post! : )

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