Month: April 2021

A New Blogger!!!

This is just a super short post since I missed a post on Monday, but I would like to announce a new blogger!  Emma from Little Things From A Hobbit Hole I LOVE the LOTR theme, and just the over all blog!  So PLEASE my people! Go give her some love!!!

Our Family Vacation + An Update!

Heya, Banana’s!  As ya’ll know my family just went on vacation this last week! We got back late Saturday evening, and we had an amazing time!  The beach was amazing, and the weather was so absolutely delightful! We had our own house with a pool, and we just drove to the beach whenever we wanted…

Tico Update

Hi Banana’s!  Yes, I realize that I missed posting yesterday, but after a CRAZY busy Easter I was just to tired (and busy).  I thought I would do a quick update on Tico since we have had a few happen since I last posted about her.  No, I don’t have many pictures because I didn’t…