Never Have I Ever Collab with Addie from Shining Star

Hi Bananas! 

I’m pre posting this since I’ll be gone for a week! So here ya go! 

Addie’s Questions:

  1. Never have I ever stayed up all night just to finish a book XD
  2. Never have I ever read a book of a series first that wasn’t the first book 😛 
  3. Never have I ever woke up in the middle of the night and haven’t been able to go back to sleep lol
  4. Never have I ever outran my family 🤣
  5.  Never have I ever read a whole book in one day
  6. Never have I ever stayed home from something just because I didn’t feel like going XD
  7. Never have I ever broken a bone
  8. Never have I ever fell asleep in church/school 🤣
  9. Never have I ever gotten a cavity
  10. Never have I ever been caught sleepwalking XD

My Answers:

  1. Umm…. All the time! It’s nothing for me to stay up till after midnight reading!
  2. Yes! I tend to skip around in series if I don’t like one book or if I need to make sure that a character did/didn’t die!
  3. Quite often! It tends to happen mostly when I have something big gonig on the next day! 🙄
  4. Really it depends! I’ve outrun my mom before, but my little brothers are getting really big and strong, (the two oldest boys are taller than I am… *cries) so they outrun me daily!
  5. My record was four books in one day, it was a series. (P.S. these were not small books either, they were all 300 or more pages.)
  6. Yup! Depends tho… I am a true peacock (DOPE bird personality) personality so I LOVE people! But there are times when I max out and just need to stay home.
  7. Unfortunately I believe I have… I was in a bicycle accident (aka-I flipped over my bike head over heels… totally my own fault! Although I could argue that my friend scared me…) and landed on my right wrist. 
  8. I’ve never really fallen asleep, but once when I was tired and was also sick (I just didn’t realize it at the time) I started to fall asleep and almost fell off the pew!
  9. One! 
  10. Never! A few of my siblings sleepwalk, but I have never!

Now, if you havn’t already checked out Addie’s blog, Shining Star, you MUST! 

Also, there you can see her answer my questions!!!!

Bye, Bye for now!

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