Our Family Vacation + An Update!

Heya, Banana’s! 

As ya’ll know my family just went on vacation this last week! We got back late Saturday evening, and we had an amazing time! 

The beach was amazing, and the weather was so absolutely delightful!

We had our own house with a pool, and we just drove to the beach whenever we wanted to go. I’ll include some pictures before I get to my update!

I have SOOOO many more pictures, but I figured you didn’t want to stare at pictures for the entire time!

Okay, and now for my update! 

So I’m attempting to start my own Etsy shop, and I’m at a totally at a loss for a name! So I decided (with the help of a good friend!) to set up another Google Form! 

So the link is below, and I hope ya’ll can give me some good ideas! A play on ya’ll’s nickname (Banana’s), or on my blog name (Once Upon A Book), or something similar! 

Also, I plan to sell my vinyl designs, so something about that would be nice! 

Here’s the link.

Anyway, hope ya’ll can come up with something! 

3 thoughts on “Our Family Vacation + An Update!”

  1. The trip sounds like tons of fun Hannah! Question: beach or mountains? I’m more of a mountain person (well, I like getting to the top of the mountain, but I hate driving up it cause I get car sick…..) but I do like the beach too! Ooh, I’m excited about your Etsy shop. I’m terrible at coming up with names for stuff, but I’ll try to think of some!

  2. I bet that was a nice getaway!! And I bet the warm weather was REALLY nice! It’s been pleasant here, but a bit chilly at times! (and then it snowed yesterday evening?!?!?!) anyway, I can’t wait to see how your Etsy shop turns out! It sure will be an exciting endeavor!

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