New Blog Design + New Page + An Update!

Hello my Banana’s! I apologize for the long break, but the last month has been crazy, and I’ll probably give an explanation sometime. 

So I’ve sent the last two days working on my blog’s new design, and I’m super happy with how it turned out! I started taking my own pictures for aesthetics (as I’m sure you can tell! 😅) which took a while to do, but it was a ton of fun! 

If you have any suggestions and/or ideas for the design or just my blog in general comment below or contact me! 

If you look at the main menu you’ll see a new page called Fangirl Page, which as you can probably tell from the name, it is a new page where I’ll write a new blog post (and I’m not sure if it will be a every week or every few week thing *shrugs*) about my current Fangirl focus! Hopefully it will be a place where we can squeal about our favorite characters, and also where we can share new ones with one another!!! 

Now for my summer update! I unfortunately will not be able to post every Monday, but I hope to post often this Summer! I’ll have tons of fun stories and plans, and just random things that you all should probably expect coming from yours truly! 🤣😅

Anyway! I hope to post my first Fangirl post this evening or early tomorrow morning, and I’ll give more details about it then! 

Goodbye for now my Bananas!!! 

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