Will Turner

Okay… Will Turner… Do I need to say more?! *girlish giggle* 

For those of you who have watched Pirates of the Caribbean, you know and probably have your own list of favorite things about this character, but if any of you haven’t watched the movie(s) I will list them for you! (gladly!) 

  1. He is so sweet and patient towards Elizabeth (his love interest) even when she tests him! No matter what she says or does, he always wants what’s best for her! Even when It doesn’t seem like it’s him she needs, he loves her enough to give her up!
  2. He is amazing with his swords!!! Like come on! GIRLS! The scene where he first meets Captain Jack!? I’m on the edge of my seat EVERY SINGLE TIME! 😅🤣 And If Jack hadn’t of played dirty, Will would have won! 
  3. Though he is torn between his father and Elizabeth (I’m trying not to give away any spoilers here!), he still goes with what he feels is best! And it all works out in the end! The very end! *thank goodness* 
  4. He is sooooooo confident! Among other things! 😂 He knows what he wants, and he’s willing to LITERALLY go to the ends of the earth to get it!!
  5. Finally, he’s just so adorable! *blushes* I honestly wonder how an actor can pull off so many different looks and look so cute every time! And ye, I could go on but I won’t because if I really get started I’ll never stop…


What did ya’ll think if my first Fangirl post?! I had the BEST time writing it! *laughs at self* Anyway, if you have any suggestions on people/characters to fangirl over, than please tell me!!! Also tell me your favorite things about our beloved Will Turner! (if you’ve watched the movie of course! and if you haven’t, what are you even doing with your life!? *shocked intake of breath*) 

Until next time fellow Fangirls!!! ❤❤❤

14 thoughts on “Will Turner”

  1. Haha, LOVED this post! It’s been a longgggg time since I’ve seen those movies so I don’t really remember Will *hides* But this was a fun post to read! There’s only one person I “Fangirl” over and that’s *ahem* Shawn Mendes so….

  2. Ahaha! I completely agree with you! Will Turner is *awesome*.
    Hmm, you could fangirl over Tom Holland. Just assuming you know who that is. 😉 Even better, his role of Spider-Man! He’s so awesome. XD

      1. Oh my ladies! *laughs realizing I do it too…* This is ya’ll’s inner fangirl coming out! I do know who Tom Holland is, and I know who Shawn Mendes is, but I don’t know then well enough to do a post about them… But maybe I could start doing some guest posts from my fellow fangirls! That would be a fun idea!

  3. Yesss Will Turner. *ahem* I have sadly not seen those movies *runs away* but I know still enjoy reading about them and looking at pictures?

  4. Ahhh this post makes me want to watch Pirates of the Caribbean even more!? Andddd how about making a fangirl post on Legolas? Lol, I know it’s like the same actor, but Orlando Bloom sure plays some cool characters?

    1. Yes!!! I love Legolas!!!! I’ll totally keep that one in mind!!! And you should definitely watch Pirates of the Caribbean as soon as you are able! They are amazing movies! ?

  5. Ohh, i LOVE this!! XD Potc is one of my fav movies EVER!! (i fangirl over that along with Lord of the Rings, The False prince-the ascendance series, Hunger Games, and Keeper of the Lost Cities) Will Turner is definitely one of my fav characters in those movies! If you get me started i can ramble about how much I dislike Elizabeth, and how Will Turner being married seems weird (I watched LotR first so Orlando Bloom playing a single character was stuck in my mind. Then all of a sudden he gets married so…), also the ending of the *thinks back* 3d is HORRIBLE!! *Spoiler alert* then when he comes back on the 5th, they don’t give us enough time with him to celebrate!!! XD Ok, sorry about that… XD Just wanted to say hi to a fellow blogger and fangirl!

    1. Hiiiiii! I agreeeeeeeee, when he comes back it’s soooo short!!! ? and I like Elizabeth, I just like her character! (Which is fine considering that everyone has different opinions!) LOTR is awesome! I love those movies! I’m going to have to watch the Hunger Games sometime soon tho!

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