An Explanation + the Future of This Blog

Sooooo…. I probably own ya’ll an explanation! As you can probably tell, I have laxed off of my blog posting for a while now, and honestly it’s been a nice break! But I think it’s time to kick it back into gear! 

I’ve also taken a break from any of my editing/writing so during my summer break (which isn’t going to last too much longer) I’m going to try to focus a little bit of my time on both writing and blogging. 

I’ve updated my blog design for the last time, as I’ve done it several times recently. *winces* I’m really happy with how this turned out tho!

I plan to focus most of my posts on writing, and I’ll definitely be posting chapter updates, and possibly sharing snippets of my writing, but I will still be sharing art, and other random stuff! Ya’ll know how I am! 

Anyway, that’s all for today, and I will be posting (PRAYERFULY!) every Friday instead of on Monday. 

Toodles for now, Bananas!

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