Another Update

Sooo… Ya’ll probably noticed that I updated my blog. Again.

I will use the excuse that I was playing around and found some new ways to design, and fell in love with it! 

I’ve decided to mainly stick to my book updates, but possibly try some day to day updates/life stories, that sort of thing! Plus possibly setting up a monthly photography page!

I apologize for the tiny post, but I thought I’d just give (another) explanation!

Bye for now! 


4 thoughts on “Another Update”

    1. Well first off thank you for the complement! ? And second, I think your blog is adorable! If I could give one suggestion, I would say look up color schemes, and see if any color schemes stand out to you. I do that, and find the Hex numbers. And use lighter colors. Or a light color with a corresponding darker color! Anyway… I love your blog as is! ?

      1. That’s so helpful! I’m thinking about updating my blog, cause I feel like I just threw it together when I first made it? So I think I’ll take your advice! And your blog looks so pretty btw!

        1. I think your blog is super cute, Emma! It doesn’t look thrown together at all!!! But I do know that updating it is sooo much fun, and gives you weird satisfaction when you’re done! Or maybe that’s just me! ??

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