Hey, Banana’s! 

So lots of new updates today! We safely got back from vacation late last Friday, and I ended up going to work the next day. Let me say I probably wasn’t the nicest person that day. I was TIRED! But I was fine, and went to bed extra early that night!

My birthday was Monday, and I am officially driving ya’ll! It’s fun, but sorta nerve wracking sometimes… I mean, you have the passengers lives literally in both hands! Kinda a nuts thought! I’ve been driving for four days, and already have over three hours in, so I’m a little proud of myself!

Tuesday was my little bro’s birthday, but unfortunately I wasn’t able to be there that evening for our family get together as I started my collage class that evening.

Fun story! Tuesday mom had me drive a lot, and I was already stressed out from that, then when we pulled up to the church where the class is held, there were probably close to 25 other cars in the parking lot and I really started to freak out! Turns out there’s only 12 in the class but the church had something going on. So I almost had a panic attack for nothing! *rolls eyes*

Collage is fun, and last night I stayed up farrrrrrrr too late brainstorming ideas for my paper that is due next week. (yes. I am a night owl.) I know most of the people in the class, but it’ll be nice to get to know the people that I don’t! 

We have some really fun plans for this weekend and next week! Saturday we are (probably) going to a huge homeschool day, where we get to swim and hang out with other family’s, and I’m really looking forward to that! Then Monday we’re going to a huge lake that’s around 2 hours away (yes… there’s a chance that I will drive us there. *slightly freaks out thinking about it*) that we will spend the day at with some of our best friends who are going to be camping down there all next week. 

It’s been nice getting back into the swing of things after vacation, and I have to say I’m looking forward to school this year. I dunno if it’s because I actually have a plan for the next year, or if my mindset has changed. Could be both.

Please pray that everything goes well, and no one gets hurt at out get together this Monday! Considering it’s a bunch of rednecks (yes, that is including myself…….. what? you didn’t know this? yes… my PROFESIONAL picture lies…) going swimming it is just a recipe for disaster! 



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