My Favorite Marvel Characters

As I’m writing this, we’re having the prettiest rain! I’m just sitting at my desk writing, fangirling, thinking about hot cocoa, and watching the rain! Very aesthetic isn’t it?

I made myself shorten my list to my ABSOLUTE favorites, which was very hard! I love sooooooo many Marvel characters that I wish I could have mentioned here, but I can (and will!) fangirl over them later! 😉 And no worries! These characters here will definitely each get their own fangirl post at some point or another!




If you haven’t watched the Agent Carter series on Disney+, you definitely should! (mild spoiler) While I was a little upset that she was given a love interest in the series, honestly no one (other than Steve of course!) is better suited for her! And I’ll try not to give too many more details away on him, but trust me! You’ll love him!!! 

Anyway! Peggy is a delight to watch, with her English accent, and her kick-rear attitude! She had to be on this list!



Hawkeye/Clint Barton

A father, husband, friend, and killer. I mean come ON! This poor guy was put through the ringer throughout the movies! I honestly don’t even want to think of it at this point! *sniff sniff* *starts to cry… AGAIN*



Falcon/Sam Wilson

Who wouldn’t love Sam? He’s kind, personable, giving, and loyal! He’d do literally anything for those he loves, and he’s so funny! 😂




Black Widow/Natasha Romanoff 

This poor girl… I can’t even describe how mad I was (spoiler) when she died! I sobbed for an unmentionable amount of time… I am not so patiently waiting for October 6th, which is when the movie comes out to Disney+, and I’ll finally be able to watch it!

I will admit, the image isn’t the greatest quality, but I LOVED when her hair had grown out from blonde to red again…. You can’t blame me! It’s gorgeous! 




I honestly have a hard time choosing between short hair Thor and long hair Thor… I mean IT’S HARD! 😂 First off I love his voice, then there’s the adorable personality, and I am really looking forward to Thor: Love and Thunder coming out! 



Captain America/Steve Rogers

Is there much else to say after telling you his name? While he is not my #1 favorite, he is still amazing! And yes… I realize people will probably not be very happy with me not putting him as first, but there are SOOO many good characters! But anyway, how could you not love him? 



Iron Man/Tony Stark

“Genius, billionaire, playboy, philanthropist.”  Literally sums him up to a T! TBH I cried during the entire ending of Endgame… My brothers can attest to it! 😓


Spider Man/Peter Parker

Adorable. Slightly Childish. A bit of a nerd. *happy sigh* There have been many Spider Man’s, but none quite pull it off like Tom Holland! He’s definitely a one of a kind! He’s also adorable! Did I mention that he’s adorable? Okay. I think I did. Better stop…




And coming in at #2 is every fangirls favorite (and if he’s not at least on your list we have problems ladies!), Loki! I have a feeling I don’t even need to explain why we love him so much… My brothers don’t really get it at all, but my little sister Faith (who hasn’t even watched them, she’s just seen pictures and heard me talk about him) agrees! 


White Wolf/Bucky Barnes

Okay. I will be honest here! He was definitely on the list since I first met him, and he has been one of my favorites for a loooong time! But after watching The Falcon and the Winter Solider, he is now my favorite. His story just literally melts my heart! And It honestly makes me mad inside that I’m not able to verbally (or through writing) comunicate how much I like him!


Now these are my own opinions, and I understand completely that some people won’t agree with the……. placement of these characters…… And that’s fine! I would LOVE to hear your own opinions/favorites in the comment section! Also your favorite quotes/moments from your favorite characters!

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11 thoughts on “My Favorite Marvel Characters”

  1. Oh my goodness Hannah, I didn’t know you liked you marvel characters so much! I don’t see how in the world Peggy Carter is in tenth place (heart breaking) I LOVE her! I really need to see that Agent Carter series.

    1. Ohhhh I love her too! I had to explain to my siblings (who didn’t quite like the list too much) that this is my TOP 10 characters! So she’s one of my favorites! I think most characters would be on here if I didn’t have sommmeee self control! ?

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