Fall. The best season of the year. From it’s orange and red leaves covering the ground, to the overrated but still delicious pumpkin spice everything. Personally I think apple cider is the best drink of the season.

I went on a slow drive around our property today on our new, mini 4-wheeler, and just admired the grand outdoors. I could smell fall! It is colder today, I don’t beleive it’s supposed to go above 79° today, and I am loving it!

Fall has always been my favorite season of the year, it includes Thanksgiving, my favorite foods, more outdoor activities that you don’t die from heat exhaustion trying to do, and just the beauty of the grand outdoors.

Believe me, God’s creation is gorgeous regardless of the season, but there’s just something to fall that isn’t like the rest. 

Unfortunately in our area of Southern Illinois fall doesn’t last but a few weeks before we get blistering cold winter, so we have to make the most of our short time. I am a very cold natured person, and the winters we normally get are not enjoyable, but fall is amazing.

Side note – who else thinks that pumpkin spice everything is highly overrated??? Like don’t get me wrong, pumpkin spice is yummy, and I like pumpkin pie, but it isn’t thaaaaat good! Hot apple cider that’s been left on a gentle boil for hours with cinnamon sticks and fresh oranges, and sprinkled with ground cinnamon after being gently foamed on the top, or just a simple cold apple cider with ice? Now that’s fall! 

I apologize for that by the way, I just had to say it…

Anyway, depending on the weather you get where you live, enjoy this time to it’s fullest!

What’s your favorite season? What is your favorite thing to eat at Thanksgiving dinner? I’d love to hear your opinions below!

8 thoughts on “Fall”

  1. Apple cider is defiantly my favorite food (or should I say drink) during fall. The way it makes the house smell!!! It makes you feel so cozy!
    I can never make up my mind which I like better spring or fall.
    Anyways I love the way you write!

    1. I knoowwwww! Mom made Apple Cider several times last fall, and the house smelled like a big candle! ? Spring is awesome as well! I agree that it is hard to choose!
      And thank you so much! The compliment means a lot! ?

  2. I absolutely love fall!!!!!!!! It is the time for football (‘Bama and EC all the way!), sweaters and hoodies, hunting, and carmel apples! And the best thing at Thanksgiving Dinner is the stuffing and pecan pie! I mean seriously! What isn’t there to love about fall!!

  3. I TOTALLY agree about the pumpkin spice being overrated thing. I don’t even like pumpkin. My favorite thing at Thanksgiving is the BRISKET. My dad almost always makes brisket, and I love it. That and the chocolate pie. My favorite season would have to be Spring, I think. Great post, Hannah!

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