You know, it hit me a few days ago, and I just now trust myself to write about it. Forgive the metaphorical saying, but it hit me like a lightning bolt. My family is my everything. 

Oh sure, we have our tiffs, and I don’t get along with some of my siblings as well as I would like, but they mean everything to me. I have a built in group of supporters, critics, playmates, and baseball team! 

I have a group of people that love me unconditionally, even though we might not get along all the time, and it’s amazing. The last time I came home from taking my big CLEP test, it was late at night, and I had accidentally canceled the scores *story for another time*, and as soon as I walked through the door I had 7 other kids clamoring to know if I had passed or not. 

Of course when I told them what I had done, there was a little bit of silly teasing from the littles ones, and a smirk or two from the older kids, but they still comforted me. 

That’s the relationship I crave. With anyone. Someone who I can lean on at any time, and while they might find the idiotic situations I can get myself into funny, they’re still there to love me and comfort me.

I feel like that’s what our relationship with Christ is like. We’re broken messes that are continually making mistakes and goofing up, and while we are continually disobeying his direct rules, he still loves us! He’s always there for us to lean on. Always! 

And trust me, I am not comparing my family to Christ! My family (me included!) is like any other human on this planet, all sinners, but that is the relationship we have can have with our family. *I do know that not all family’s are like mine, so I am just speaking for myself here*

Family isn’t like a friend-I am just lucky that my best friend is related to me, and she is stuck with me forever-who can leave without strings attached. But family is death do us part! 

Trust me, there are days I (and this is completely unbiblical… *wince*) have probably wished that a sibling or two didn’t exist, but they always come up with creative ways to not make me mad at them.

Be it putting on a loud concert for me, giving me a piece of their chocolate, asking if I want to play with them, or just saying sorry *begrudgingly of course*.

And I love them for it. All of them. All seven of them. And my parents, and all the other relatives that I am blessed to have! Because they are definitely that. A blessing from my heavenly Father.

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