Good morning my Banana’s! 

So as you’ll probably noticed, I did not post anything last week. At all. Friday of last week was a very rough day, and I couldn’t bring myself to post anything. A pretty bad excuse, but its the only one I’ve got!

Life has been kinda nuts lately, with all of the “end of summer” hustle and bustle. School isn’t, and wasn’t, going the smoothest, but It’s slowly getting better! 

I found out that our homeschool group finally planned our annual Pumpkin Patch trip, and I’ll have to post plenty of pictures from that! 

Also, if you couldn’t tell from my other posts, our group activates have always consisted of the people I know from our homeschool group. Like we never o anything with other groups. Our church doesn’t have youth groups, or anything like that, so as I am getting older, my dear Mother has decided that it’s finally time I get myself “out there” (I hate that term). 

So in concordance with that statement, tonight a nearby church is letting a good family friend start a “Friday Night Forge”. Which is basically a night for Highschool and Collage age kids to have a night of fun. 

Let me tell you, I am beyond excited and nervous! There’s a chance my bestie could be there, and I few other girls I know, but then again! That leaves a lot of other kids I don’t know! 

Anyways, I just thought i’d add that I’m sitting outside on our porch drinking homemade apple cider, and soaking in the warm sun… Literally the best time of year! Have ya’ll ever made true homemade apple cider before? It’s truly a pretty cool process! And the house smells heavenly while you’re doing it! 

I’m a bit of a health nut, so of course I did it so I could have healthy apple cider as my siblings and parents LOVE apple cider with sugar and occasional red hots (I mean the candy, if you cook your apple cider in them, it makes it reallllly good!). And I do love that apple cider, it brings back a lot of childhood memories, but I’d rather have apple cider I can drink whenever and not feel guilty about it.

But anyway, that’s all I’ve got for the day! Other than the fact that I just published my second podcast episode, so here’s the link for that, or you can find it on Spotify! 

Bye bye for now, Banana’s! 

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