First Post

Hello my Humans(your affectionate new name),

*crickets chirp*

Yes, so I apologize for practically forgetting about ya’ll for several weeks, or was it months… not sure at this point!

But anyway, I’m sure you’ve noticed the changes, as well as the lack of other posts, and I must say it was needed. I didn’t change the name, I am still Once Upon A Book, but we got a new About Me, new color scheme, ditched the flowers, and overall I feel like a whole new person…

I will blame my lack of attention to this blog on some personal issues, as well as general laziness. Personal issues involving depression which made me not want to deal with anything.

Now on to the new focus of our dear blog. But with backstory. 

Around the time Covid hit, I was misrible. I hated my body, personality, everything about me. I had hit my largest, and hated it. So I lost weight, and boy did I loose it fast. But, like every health journey, that quick loss stopped (completely natural people, I just didn’t see it that way). That’s when the real problem ensued. I acquired an eating disorder, which turned into a few EDs, which completely wrecked havoc on my life. Over two years I grew to love my body, but while I did that I gained back all the weight I had lost. Which leads me to now. I can’t fit into all my cloths anymore, and while I generally feel happy about my body, there are still those darker moments. But today I started my journey again. I’m attempting to fast 16:8 (which means I have an 8 hour eating window and fast for 16), and if you think about it, that’s not that long of not eating. Plus exercising,  and just really getting back into shape without letting that ED come back. But also through COVID, my anxiety, depression, etc. really grew. It was like when I got better in one area, It got worse in the others. I really stopped writing, stopped a lot of my art, among other stuff.

That brings me to the focus’s of this “new” blog.

I will be sharing my weightless/health journey. I will add, I won’t be sharing numbers(aka scale numbers), as from personal experience, I know how hurtful it can be to see others weight and compare it to your own, I am still guilty of that. But I might show some pictures I am proud of as I go along, and give meal details, as well as how this interment fasting goes. 

Mental health is also something I hope to talk about often. As I feel it helps to talk about it, but from a Christians perspective.

As well as much of my writing, which is something I am trying my hardest to really work on. Plus art work.

Before I sign off, I might add you won’t be able to find my podcast if you search for it. I did delete it… But with that, I have some exciting news I hope to share before the week is over! So stay tuned for that! 

Oh, and I don’t think posting every Friday will always work for me, so I am going to shoot for just posting randomly, but posting at least once a week. Technically what ever works for me! *smiley face*

So, until next time my lovely humans!



5 thoughts on “First Post”

  1. Hey Hannah! I love the new template or whatever you call it, it looks brilliant! Also, as your best friend, having known you throughout the duration of my lifetime, I have the right to say this. You are BEAUTIFUL! Inside and out. You are, were, and will(most likely) be for the rest of your life.
    Love ya!

  2. Hello Hannah! The new theme looks great! I’m sorry you went through that. I don’t know what you look like on the outside (I’m sure you’re stunning), but every time I talk to you, you are so sweet and kind! I know you’re beautiful on the inside. You are an awesome person, Hannah! 💖

    P.S It for some reason won’t give me the option to like your post?

    1. That is such a sweet comment, Lilly! Thank you! You are just as awesome and sweet! 💗

      I don’t think I have the ability to allow my posts to be liked, actually! I noticed that a few weeks ago… Something to do with the program I use I believe!

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