Story Time

Hello my beautiful humans! 

So I thought I would tell a short story that I realized I had never told before. As you know, even though I’ve switch gears with some of the topics we brush on, I’ve kept my title the same. Dear old Once Upon A Book. And there’s a little story behind this.

When I was a young girl, it was like pulling teeth to get me to read anything. Ask my mum! (We later learned part of it was my terrible eyesight, and I believe there is some ADHD to blame as well) But I hated it, I hated everything about words. I hated spelling, reading, typing, everything.

Then one day, my dearest Mum started to read the Elsie Dinsmore series, and I fell deeply in love. The style, the way the words created this story of a likable character who you rooted for, the companionship you created with this completely fictional character. 

Within months my reading ability had improved by leaps and bounds. I was picking up chapter books and flying through them. I was finding these huge books, and finishing them in a few hours. This was in second/third grade. My parents couldn’t believe it, but I was obviously in love with words. 

When I received my first computer at age 10, I started writing. Yes, it was cringy, terrible writing, but I still did it, and loved it. 

And that is where the name Once Upon A Book comes from. Because once upon a time, I stumbled across the love reading through a single book, and my life became increasingly more bright. 

It constantly amazes me how we write. How words are used to create lives, creatures, protagonists, antagonists, entire worlds! How we use it to create, and also tell our stories. Words can hurt, words can heal. Words can tear you down, and words can lift you to the clouds. It can give us the feeling of butterfly’s, or push us to tears. 

Books are the greatest culmination of writing ever created. A story, account, a creation of the writer. Each book is different, has a different purpose, plot, background, etc. Books are a persons way of expressing themselves, while they create their own masterpiece. 

Which is what every book is, a masterpiece.

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  1. I’ve always thought “Once Upon A Book” was such a creative name, I’m happy to know where it came from! Thanks for sharing your story, Hannah! ❤

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