Veterans Day

Hello my lovely humans. It is very late (almost early), but I wanted to write a quick tribute for Veterans Day. 

I feel like so many of us just push aside Veterans Day as just another day in our lives. Unlike Thanksgiving, Christmas, Valentines Day, and Easter, Veterans Day is not as well remembered and celebrated. Today we recognize those who fought for us. Those who sacrificed their safety for our freedom. 

Our little town recognizes those who fought by placing a flag for each local veteran after their passing. My Papa Honey has a flag, which we look for every year. Papa was a part of the Navy Seabees before his marriage to my Mema. 

Mema loves to tell us their love story. They met on a blind date, and fell madly in love. After he left for overseas, he gave her his navy hat, which she has too this day. They wrote countless letters to one another while he was gone, and after he returned they were married shortly after. 

My Papa Honey passed away several years ago, and afterwards we had a flag bought for him to be placed up with the others. That flag, among the many others, shows the great sacrifice those men and women gave for all of us. The things those brave soldiers placed on hold, with the knowledge that they could possibly never return home. 

My Papa was one of many who came home, but we should remember the many who never returned. Veterans day is the day we remember everyone who ever fought for this great nation. Please don’t forget, please remember those brave souls. 

Goodnight my humans, I pray you had a lovely Veterans Day.

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  1. I am so thankful for the many brave men and women who have fought to defend my freedom! Too often our soldiers are mocked, ridiculed, and disgraced. Forever will I fly my flag high. Forever will I proudly sing the National Anthem. For as long as I could remember, I’ve teared up at the singing of the National Anthem and the display of the American Flag. And I hope and pray that does not change!

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