The Beginning of Christmas

Well my lovelies, it seems I have abandoned you once again. My apologies. 

Currently it is almost midnight, I am sitting in bed, waiting for the rain to start, and eating my very unhealthy pretzels I have had stashed in my room for a night like this. 

Tomorrow starts my countdown till Christmas. Typically I would be rushing to finish gifts, etc. but I only have a few gifts to wrap up (hehe, no pun intended), which means I have more time to spend on other things. 

This year I’m going to make it a requirement for myself to post everyday until Christmas. I’m going to call it the 25 Days of Christmas (dumb and cheesy, I know). Admittedly, you may very well get tired of my posts, so I do not expect anyone to read all of them. These posts will include random writings, holiday achievements, daily stuff, and other oddities that I wish to talk about. 

I must ask, who else loves Christmas with a passion? Although the gifts are quite stressful for me personally (not the giving, the receiving. I adore giving gifts.), the entire atmosphere of Christmas brings me great joy. While their selection isn’t fantastic, hearing Christmas music in the middle of Wally-World can put you in the holiday mood for some odd reason. 

Oh, and I cut my hair. And by cutting I mean I had at least 7 inches chopped off. I shall have to do a photoshoot or something to update my profile pictures. 

Anyhow, off to bed now, although I might wait for the turn of the month. We shall see how that goes. Goodnight my lovelies, sleep well.

4 thoughts on “The Beginning of Christmas”

  1. Christmas is my favorite time of year!! I’m excited to read the posts you come out with leading up to Christmas! I love all your blog posts!

  2. I’m definitely looking forward to you posting every day! I actually don’t celebrate Christmas or the other “normal” holidays, I celebrate things like Passover, Feast of Tabernacles, etc. No, I’m not Jewish lol.
    Anyway, I can’t wait to read your posts! I will definitely read all of them ☺

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