Hellooooo fellow humans! (I sound like I’m trying to convince you that I’m not an alien or something 😂)

My apologies for missing two days! I feel like always I plan on my weekends being chill, but then I’m gone from the house the entire time!

But anyway, little update! I finally convinced myself to make a workout plan, so that’s fun! (P.S. jump roping is the BEST form of cardio IMO) Plus, my stomach as started practically revolting food. Which is SAD considering the time of year it is! And I don’t mean throwing up or anything, I just get full super fast. It’s kinda nice sometimes cause I don’t eat too much, but then again, as someone who loves baking and cooking, it’s sorta sad!

I’ve started embroidering again! It’s a really fun hobby! Very therapeutic! I embroidered a cool marvel sweatshirt for myself, I’m doing a embroidery hoop for my Mum, and possibly one for one of my relatives. I’m going to have to show a picture of my sweatshirt 😂

 (Apologies for the terrible picture)

I adore it! It’s not perfect, but it was a TON of fun to do! I’m going to add Bucky’s symbol on the left arm whenever I get the chance! 

Anyway, Not much else to talk about! Besides, I need to go do more school before my presentation tomorrow… 

So goodnight! 

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