Yet Another Meaningless Post…

Yet another pointless post! 

My apologies, but sometimes my mental little self has a hard time with inspiration! 

For anyone who read yesterdays post, i”m pretty sure I mentioned that I had a big presentation today, and I passed with flying colors! I’ve got one final project due Sunday night for the class before this semester is over! It was kinda sad knowing our class wouldn’t all be back together again next year. 

I almost got a little emotional thinking about it. I’ve gained so many awesome relationships over the past few months. But next years class will be awesome too. 

Anyway, I’m going to go write some of this book I keep planning out in my head, but fail to ever put into actual words. Maybe I’ll have some started to share this next week! After Sunday (when the last project is due), I hope to get a ton of writing done before the new year. 

Oh, and I have created my new favorite winter drink! AKA I’m drinking it now… You’d have to like sour/almost spicy drinks to like it, but I mixed about 1/4 teaspoon of ground ginger, close to a tablespoon of lemon juice, and honey to taste, and after mixing that well, I just added some water and heated it up. Super good for late at night cravings! (if you try it, I wanna know your thoughts!)

But aside from that odd little ramble, I hope ya’ll had an awesome day, and I shall talk to you tomorrow!

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