Christmas Update

Hello again!!! I am soooooooo sorry that I missed so many days, but my life has exploded this season! In the two days I have been Christmas shopping twice, we have gone to see numerous lights, plus one Christmas party already, and a recital! Oh, and I finished my comp. class! 

I’m glad I took a break from school since we’ve been so busy recently! I ended up passing the class with an A, so I am beyond happy! I plan to start school up again right after Christmas and get as much done as possible this next year! 

The recital went super well (i’m not sure if I mentioned it not, but it was a piano recital), and I am so glad to have it done! I was blessed with gorgeous arrangements this year and was able to sing with one of them!

Driving update: I drove in a big city for the first time a few days ago! Which let me tell you, that was an EXPERIENCE! 

There’s so much more that has happened, but I honestly can’t remember it for the life of me! I hope to do two really cool posts today and tomorrow, so I’ll see ya then! 

~ Hannah


2 thoughts on “Christmas Update”

  1. Sounds like a lot of fun! And CONGRATULATIONS on driving in the big city! I’m sure you did great.
    Oh, and you can sing? We need a video. An audio clip. SING ON YOUR PODCAST! Something. The fans need to know, Hannah. I speak from experience, being a fan and all. 😂

    1. Well, thank you for your support! Maybe I’ll add the clip from the recital to a post after Christmas! I don’t normally like sharing my recital videos, but I might just this once 😉

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