Christmas Eve

 It’s officially Christmas Eve, and I am beyond ready. Not ready for the gifts, food, or even fellowship, but ready for that feeling of absolute joy that comes with waking up on Christmas Eve. 

It’s my little tradition, to slowly wake up as sunlight streams through my widows, and just smile knowing what the day is going to bring. A little, thankful prayer is always said, praising God for allowing us to enjoy another Christmas.

Something that is sadly forgotten is that our main purpose of the Christmas season is not to enjoy the gifts, or stuff ourselves full of food, or see relatives we haven’t seen in a while, it is to remember the amazing gift given to us through the birth of Jesus Christ. 

God sent His son down, as a babe, for us, to save us from our sins. And He didn’t send that baby to a house of royalty, or to anyone of worldly importance, but instead He sent His own son to a virgin, engaged young women, who was likely not older than I, who ended up birthing him in a lowly manger. I hope that shows you the awesome and great love of God.

So, for the next few days, I hope you remember why we truly celebrate this season and remember to praise your Savior for all He has done for all of us! 



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