Welcoming in the New Year

Good evening, lovelies! I am so beyond tired after yesterday, but I thought I would write this quick post! 

My day consisted of waking up earlier than I wanted to, and rushing off to the theaters with my mom, my 7 siblings, my mom’s sister, and her 3 kiddos! We watched Sing 2 and had an absolute BLAST!

After that full morning, we came back home, unloaded, and then rushed three of my siblings (the other three of us four oldest) off to Mema’s house before coming back home to wait for the rest of the evening. 

Around 8:00 I headed to a local church that has a youth group every month and played around there until around 11:00. After that, I headed -with my cousins- to Mema’s for the rest of the evening and didn’t go to bed till after 4:00! Henceforth, I am very tired!

I thought I would share my New Year’s Resolutions, as I love reading others lists.

Finish at least one devotional

I had a dear friend gift me an amazing devotional that I am super excited to finish this year! I’d love to finish more than that, but we’ll see!

Read “Single Dating Engaged Married” by Ben Stuart 

This book was ALSO gifted to me, by two friends who loved it, and I have yet to read it. My mom wants to look it over before I read it, but our lives have been quite crazy lately, and she hasn’t gotten the chance yet.

Develop Healthy Eating Habits 

Something I need to control, and also something I hope to share through my blog! 

Drink more water

Goes with the one before this one!

Keep a workout and food schedule/journal 

This one should be self-explanatory! I might share it as well, *shrugs* who knows!

Dye my hair blue 

Ahhh! This has been on my list forever! I plan to just do it once, as I know what happens to my hair after I dye it too many times. I’m thinking just a little bit on the tips of my hair!

Anyway, I’ll keep ya’ll updated, and hopefully I’ll have time to post often!





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