Well, everyone… I’m baaack…
      I’d like to start with my formal apology. Life got crazy, and by crazy, I mean sad, unsettling crazy, and a crazy that affects my entire life. 
      We found out almost a month ago that my aunt (my mom’s only sibling) has cancer. It’s of the riskier kind, and there was a rush to start her chemo, which effected my life, and all those around me. Unfortunately, my blog has suffered, and I am super sorry to all of you. 
      Though what is happening is tragic and sad beyond words, it really made me turn my life around for the good, and for that I am grateful. But with this news, there is a chance my blog will be quite less active as life progresses, as our lives are made busier in our attempts to help her. 
      Now, to get away from that update, I am sure ya’ll have noticed that the blog is different, and it is! Books, Espresso, and Jesus is the new identity of the blog. New name, new changes, new Hannah.
      A me that spends more time in her bible than on her phone, one who loves even more deeply than before, and one who realizes life is amazing, despite its hardships. Someone who cares, and shows it, someone who loves everyone, and shows it. 
      That someone has always been here but has lately been hidden away by a layer of anger and doubt. 
      This blog will have a lot of the same old things I had previously, but a larger focus on Christ (and books). I will still do life updates that include health, journaling, etc. but my life is so different that I guess ya’ll will be able to tell even just through blog posts. 
      And we need a new name for you guys… any thoughts???
      p.s. if you’d like to check out my updated About the Girl, and About the Blog pages, that’ll explain a lot! 

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