Learning to Be Happy

      I almost titled this “Learning to Be Okay”, but then changed my mind. Ya’ll, it’s okay to not be okay. It’s okay. It’s okay to have moments where you are not okay, where you’re broken, hurt. I firmly believe instead of trying to fix ourselves-as most try to do at one point or another-we should work hardest to fix our mentality.


      Learning to find happiness-joy-, in our individual and unique situations is where we can succeed. Now, our happiness isn’t always going to show itself. From personal experience I can say it likes to hide itself deep and in the dark. It likes to hide away in a game of endless and extreme hide-and-go-seek. 


      Life isn’t sunshine and rainbows; I could never say that and actually believe it. Life isn’t easy, it’s hard. It’s tear inducing, mentally taxing, and much more. Life has an unmatchable ability to pretend to love a person one moment, then chew them up and spit them back out another.


      Life. Is. Hard. 


      Wanna know how I get through? I’m sure you can guess; His name resides in my blog’s title. 




      He definitely has his work cut out for Him where I am concerned, but the thing is, I know He loves me. And He is where my happiness comes from. Starting my day through bible reading, studying, and much prayer, my day already seems much happier. 


      This isn’t a post telling you to go get your life together. This isn’t me judging you, and forcing you to always have an amazing outlook on life. This isn’t that. This is me compelling you to look towards the one who loves. The one who calls. The one that saves. Through my salvation, I have gained peace and happiness that matches no other. 


      It doesn’t mean I don’t still have moments-even days-of depression, or anxiety, or rages of anger, but it does mean they don’t last. His peace means that while I may have momentary bouts of sin and sadness, it won’t last. My prayer for you now is that you gain this same happiness and peace that resides in my heart, and love Him for all He does.

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