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      Hello Lovelies! A few days ago, I reached out to Lilly from Lilly Bug’s Not-So-Secret-Diary, and asked if she’d be interested in doing a collab, and she said yes! So thank you soo much Lilly! Also, this is the first collab of the new domain, which is super exciting! Below is Lilly’s list, and be sure to check mine out which is on her blog!


      Hey, everyone! I am thrilled to say that Hannah from Books, Espresso, and Jesus and I are doing a comfort music collab! Thank you for doing this, Hannah!

      I decided to go with what Hannah did and just choose my top ten, otherwise this post would be far too long. You should be able to click on the song title and have it take you to the video, hopefully 🙂

  1. Craig by Walker Hayes

For those of you who don’t know, I’ve been big into Walker Hayes lately. “Craig” is a song that reminds you that no one is perfect, but we can all strive to be our best and help others, as Craig did. 

      2. Falling In Love by Phil Wickham

This song just makes me so happy to listen to because it’s beautiful 😀 It’s honestly one of the prettiest songs I’ve ever heard. 

      3. Beautiful Soul by Jesse McCartney

This song is just so adorable. Absolutely precious. Adorable (yes, I already said that, but seriously. It’s adorable.). It simply makes me happy 🙂

      4. Beautiful by Anne-Marie

Ok, I just discovered this wonderful song….three days ago? And I have listened to it many times. I think it’s sending an important message to everyone out there. I’m sure at some point we have all struggled with thinking we’re ugly, too big, too small, etc., but we all need to learn that we were created in God’s image! He made us who we are, and we need to own it! We’re all beautiful and unique in our own ways, and we should never change that. To the person reading this: You are beautiful and loved! Never forget it. 

      5. My Person by Spencer Crandall

Do y’all ever just search for a random thing on YouTube (ex. “Cute, clean songs) and just listen to whatever pops up, trying to find something new to listen to? No? Just me? Ok…

Well, that’s exactly what I did to find this song. I’m so glad, too, it’s a really cute song. It was stuck in my head for days. 

      6. Lost in the Moment by NF

I can’t make a list of my favorite songs without having NF on here at least once. That’d be a crime, am I right? 

      7. Strong by One Direction

This is honestly one of their best songs in my opinion. I really, really like it. I feel like these descriptions just keep getting shorter and shorter…

      8. Beautiful by Micah Tyler

Here’s one that’s very similar to “Beautiful” by Anne-Marie (the one I mentioned above). It’s definitely one of my favorites of Micah Tyler’s.

      9. The Way I Talk by Morgan Wallen

I love this song SO much because it’s so relatable for me lol 

      10. Hall of Fame by The Script

This is a really positive song, and I love the music in it. Definitely recommend!

      Well, guys, those are my top 10 comfort songs! My apologies for the descriptions getting shorter and shorter lol Thank you again, Hannah, for doing this with me! Hope y’all enjoy reading this, and let me know what you think of the songs! 😀


      (from Hannah) P.S. If you click on the song title, it will take you to the song on YouTube 😉



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