Learning to Let Go

      Sometimes friends come and go, and that’s honestly hard for me to accept. Sometimes you are super close with a person for a season of your life and sometimes you are friends with someone for the rest of your life. 

      I’ve had to learn the tough lesson lately that sometimes people don’t love you as much as you love them. I’m a girl who loves her friends with all her heart. If I am your friend, you can believe I will do anything, anytime for you. 

      But reality hit me a while ago that few feel the same way. It hit me that some people don’t have that same mindset. Now, I don’t expect my friends to drop anything, anytime for me, I do think friends come at different levels. 

      I believe people come and go, I think God puts people in our lives for the certain times we need them. 

      For someone still young, I’ve already experienced plenty of friend drama. I’ve had plenty of my own issues with friends, but sometimes I wonder if God has used those experiences to help me grow. While sometimes I wish I could go back and change things I said and did, or things other people have done, I frankly wouldn’t trade my experiences for the world. 

      Learning to let go has been the hardest thing of the whole occasion. I love people, and I manage to hurt myself by loving them more than they love me. Learning to realize God has a plan, and that I sometimes need to gently let people go is hard. 

      I wish I could permanently keep everyone I’ve ever called a friend in my life, but that would be unrealistic. Others need to grow as well, and sometimes their growth doesn’t need to include me. I will still always love those people, but there will be a part of me that realizes things have changed. 

      Growing up in a tight-knit community means I more than likely see those people often, and I will be as kind and loving as possible, but I do realize things have changed.

      I’m not sure what I exactly wanted to say here, but I hope I said it in a respectful and friendly manner. I love all my friends, I love everyone that I know, and I hope you can see that by reading this. 

4 thoughts on “Learning to Let Go”

  1. I know just what you mean, Hannah! *hugs you* I kinda had the mindset that I was the only one out there who loves so strongly and and forms such deep connections, that usually aren’t reciprocated -at least not to the same level. So, often times I dream of the perfect relationship where the person loves me just as much as I love them. But maybe my friends do, they just express it in different ways. Sometimes that can be frustrating, but I’ve learned to cope with it somewhat since I’ve had to deal with it my whole life. I know what you mean by the difficulty of letting go. It is so hard!

    It’s a hard and cold world out there for people like us, but maybe we can shed a little light and warmth with God’s help and His perfect love!

    1. *hugs you back* it’s good to know others are out there that are the same! I’m blessed with a few close friends that are beyond amazing, but sometimes it’s still hard. And yes, showing people Christ’s love is the absolute best thing we can do!!!

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