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          Hello, Lovelies! So exactly 7 days ago (ooops) Lily May created a new tag, and nominated yours truly! Super excited to do this, thank you, Lily May!


  1. first, thank the person who tagged you and link back to their site. (Thank’s again, Lily May!)
  2. Second, take the photos using the prompts!
  3. Third, tag (about) six people and link to their sites.


  1. something miniature

These mini flowers had just bloomed this week, and I loooove them!

        2. something all green

I cannot remember for the life of me what these plants are called, but we have lots of them and I think they are super cool looking!

        3. something with a living creature 

Faith’s (my little sister) mini rabbit that decided to look all freaked out at me taking its picture lol

        4. somebody enjoying nature

We have at least three new sets of kittens, and these (who live on our porch) little guys are super playful in the sunshine!

        5. something that reminds you of a story

Out pond! I remember last year I had all some of my best friends over and we spent HOURS swimming and goofing off. It was awesome, and I am looking forward to doing similar activities this summer! 

        6. something non-photogenic 

Mr. Shovel Man! The boys welded him together last year, and he dutifully protects our home.

        7. something black and white

Our lovely German Shepard, Abby. She’s getting older (I think she’s around 14 rn), and she’s the sweetest thing.

        8. something holding onto winter

This large tree fell during the winter and hasn’t been chopped up yet. It was very sad to see the massive, old tree fall. 

        9. something sunshiny 

These little flowers I found in the grass! 

        10. something just plain beautiful 

The awesome view I get to enjoy every day! 


          Thank you for the nomination, Lily May! Anyone who reads this is nominated, have fun! 

Love, Hannah

4 thoughts on “Spring Joy Photography Tag”

  1. Hey Hannah! I love spring! Those pics are such a wonderful reminder of how creative our God is!! Also!! Plant #2 is a Hosta!! They are absolutely beautiful! I’ve had the privilege of planting and caring for them, and the simplicity yet elegance of the plant is amazing!

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