My Unrealistic Dreams

Hello, Lovelies.

Now, I know I’m not the only one who has unrealistic dreams that you’ve really never told anyone about, but you wish with all your heart they would come true. Personally, I have several, but two (could be considered three) are always present on my mind.

Number one, and longest-lasting wish is to be a professional dirt bike racer. Now, this dream stems from being independent and not liking rules. When I was very little, a family friend had a small race track that we would visit from time to time, and he and others would race their dirt bikes for hours while we watched. At that time, I was a timid little girl who was too afraid that speaking up would annoy those I looked up to, and therefore I never even broached the subject of riding one of the smaller ones. My brothers recently bought dirt bikes that I, of course, ride whenever they do. I can’t justify the emount of money it takes to buy one in my budget, but I still love stealing one of theirs. My oldest dream would be to life professionally racing, with my family cheering me on, and maybe a husband who would race alongside me. 


Numero 2 – professional ATV racer. My family has two four-wheelers, a mini Honda and a larger Kawasaki and to say I ride them every day is an understatement. It has to be so pouring rain to the extent I fear I will mess up Dad’s drive, or I’m out there at least once. I’ve gotten a little braver recently, and have started experimenting with different tricks and faster turns. It’s a newer dream, but a highly unlikely one. 


Either of these dreams would likely kill my protective Mama, along with several other loving, but overprotective family members. I love my family to death, but for fear of losing me I would likely never be allowed on a motorized object again if they ever found out. 


Third, finally, and largest, is to my dream to move to Texas. It is, in my opinion, one of God’s most beautiful areas of the great US of A. The gorgeous scenery, political stances, and hopes for a new life draw me like no where else has drawn me. I love my southern Illinois, and it would be hard to leave. I have so much amazing family and life-long friends that I couldn’t handle loosing. but sometimes I look at the way my life is, and wish with all my heart I could move. 

I love my life, and I love where my life is going. I love the thought of finishing high school next year, of receiving an associate’s, of  going on to cosmetology and opening my own salon. I’d love to find a good, county man who want’s to serve and worship the Lord as we grow a home. I adore the idea of raising a my own little family in this rual area and raising them to love the Lord and those around them.

But sometimes a girl can dream, right?

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