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Everyone experiences inspiration sometime, somehow, through something. Inspiration can be sought out, or realized in the simplest of occurrences. The decision to begin writing blog posts again came about during conversation, when I suddenly realized that all my pent-up ideas needed an outlet. I was inspired to write through the encouragement of someone who desired to read the thoughts I could pen. Through that encouragement I was inspired to seek out inspiration, I know, tis a process. Though, the discovery of inspiration is oftentimes sudden and impulsive, becoming aroused through daily occurrences or a momentary event. 

Oftentimes, I discovere inspiration in literature and films, through the experiences and adventures of characters. Instantly, a new plot will come to mind, or the perfect twist for a plot I am currently stumped by. When watching a particularly engaging movie, maybe one with the most immaculate romance plot twist, and I feel my brain begin to spin, taking that twist and creating it into something unique of my own. Or, when perusing the artistic genius of insanely talented artists, and my fingers begin to itch for a pencil and sketch pad. Maybe I am witness to a particularly beautiful sunset or sunrise, and realize just how beautiful a painting the scene would make. When writing a blog post, oftentimes I have discovered inspiration comes from the representation of my current atmosphere. The music playing in my ears, the candle burning at my desk, the verse my bible is currently opened to, the note I jotted down late last night. Simple things, like the written feedback from my latest presentation, the beautiful flowers adorning my favorite vase, all of these can somehow affect your brain, and allow inspiration to develop and grow. 

But what if I told you the secret to the truest inspiration of all? And what if I told you this “secret”, wasn’t much of a secret, but more of a true statement that many tend to overlook? What if I stated that no matter what occasion you require inspiration for, I know where you might find it? Maybe, for some of you, where I am going is easy to guess, but maybe others are lost. So here goes, my greatest inspiration in life will always be, and has always been, my Heavenly Father. My Lord and Savior, who created the universe with His austere, powerful, awesome words. My eyes have been opened, everywhere I look I see His glory and majesty, and can only wonder at His incredible perfection. His glory is everywhere, in the trees, grass, flowers, creatures, in His people. Without Him, how would we have anything with which to inspire us? Shouldn’t Him in all his wonderful glory simply inspire us to sing of that glory? 

This is what I aspire to do: no matter the subject, no matter the idea, I pray to always lead everything back to the one who created us, who loves us, who should invariably inspire us. To show the mindset, to show that as a Christian, our greatest inspiration should always be our Lord and Savior.

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