About Me

Howdy! My name’s Hannah! 

And that’s me! *waves enthusiastically* Anyway, since you’re here, I might as well tell ya a little bit about myself! 

I am 15, I live in southern Illinois, and I love Jesus. Now I could stop there, but if anyone knows me, they know I can’t just do the bare minimum of anything. So I’ll start with things that make me happy.

My family – 

I have seven younger siblings that are one of the highlights of life! And can also be the most annoying people ever. It goes both ways…

My kitten –

She’s not really a kitten anymore, but she’ll always be my baby! She can be a handful at times, and she annoys my family… but I wouldn’t give her up for anything!

Sunflowers –

In my opinion, sunflowers represent how I live my life. Bright, bold, and always reaching for the sun.

The color purple – 

It’s just so pretty and comforting IMO.

Storms – 

Now this one is different, and most people wouldn’t agree with me I guess, but to me there is nothing better than dancing in the rain under the dark clouds. Then being able to see the sun peek through the clouds after the storm? Always so beautiful.

Midnight reading under the covers – 

I am of the firm belief that if I am under the covers, nothing bad can happen to me. No bad guy can shoot me, no monster can drag me away. So I read under the covers, and for some reason it makes me happy.

Writing – 

Penning your own thought of words in your own style, that will stay that way until you change it. Poetry, fiction, nonfiction, all of it is majestic and unique in it’s own way,

Dancing – 

All types of dancing is beautiful. Each different way has is it’s own expression that is being conveyed. Dancing brings people together, and brings about a certain feeling that can not be recreated by anything else.

The outdoors – 

Roller blading, baseball, hiking, nature, reading outside, everything! 

Coffee – 

A guilty pleasure of mine… All my friends say I am hyperactive after a cup and that I am hilarious! *wince* I have no idea what could come out of my mouth after I drink coffee!

Jesus – 

I could read and tell people the story of his birth, death, and resurrection and never grow tired. I would love to go on a long descussion about all that I find amazing about Him, and His word, but I will save it for some other time.

Now there is much more that I love about this world that i would love to talk about, but I will leave it at this since I don’t want to take up toooo much of your time! 😉 

*virtual hug* Thanks for visiting!