About the Girl

Hi y’all, welcome to the blog.

I’m Hannah Hawkins to a new acquaintance, Hannah if you know me, Hannah Banana if I love you enough to put up with it.

My personality is best described as an extrovert, but I struggle with the idea that no one loves me as much or as deeply as I love them. I give my love easily, basically as a free gift that I desire them to feel daily. I have to fight daily that I don’t let others define me and who I am, while still allowing my social butterfly nature to shine.

I’m a writer, big-word lover, book reader, movie watcher, music listener, art maker, and amateur blogger. I am unapologetically Christian, and a girl proud of her roots. I’ve lived my entire life in the rural, southern Illinois area and my family and I lead an extraordinary, country lifestyle.

As a Christian, Jesus Christ is my life. He’s my rock, the only solid ground I can stand on. Without Him, my life would lack any purpose and meaning. I am part of a wonderful church that was founded by my Dad and two other Elders. We congregate, with pews packed full, in our wonderful, little, brick, Baptist-based church every Sunday, for an intentional time of worship.

I’m the oldest of eight homeschooled children. Besides the size, we wouldn’t be hard to find, somehow all of us managed to inherit blonde hair and bright blue eyes. 

I am currently struggling with my CLEP (a program to achieve an associate’s degree through at-home classes) program, finishing high school in the next semester, and working towards enrolling in Cosmetology in 2024. 

My many obsessions include “Pride and Prejudice”, as well as most things Marvel-related. I love thunderstorms, that odd shade of green the world takes on after rain, sunsets, and the feeling of dancing in the rain that reminds me of unfulfilled childhood dreams. 

If you couldn’t tell, I’m just a normal teenager who’s growing, learning, and failing. Life is its own constant reminder that it is all slowly dying, and I try to live like every day is my last. A person can never laugh enough, cry too many tears, or hug a friend hard enough before it’s all gone. 

While that all may all have a depressing note, I assure you, life IS amazing. Life may be short, but I have something better to look forward to at the end. Do you? I have the promise of a life with the One who never failed, and never will. The One who loves me so much He died to pay for my sins. Did He die for you too? I hope you know the answer to that question; the peace the answer brings about is truly unmatchable.

“So, as those who have been chosen of God, holy and beloved, put on a heart of compassion, kindness, humility, gentleness, and patience.” – Colossians 3:12