About the Blog

After a failed attempt at a blog named “One Upon a Book,” my life changed, and with it the blog. Now “Books, Espresso, and Jesus” ( I know, sooo original), is attempting its life as an outreach and my own little sanctuary. 

Here we unashamedly praise Jesus for all He does for us. We share out latest books and old favorites while giggling over our favorite characters. And I don’t know about you, but I will be drinking numerous cups of highly caffeinated espresso.

My hope is for you to join me and my little band of minions (my beloved-though few they may be-followers) in doing all of those things. I’m a randomness-loving girl, and my blog is a minuscule sample of that. 

I love being open and transparent, and life updates, along with random (see? Told ya) check-ins which are a custom occurrence. If you like what you read, stick around! Until next time, Lovelies.