Hello all, welcome to Memories and Musings! The About Page is quite possibly my favorite part of a blog, as it gives a look into the brain behind the posts from many wonderful bloggers! With that said, I hope you enjoy getting to know myself and my blog. 

About the Blog

Over the past several-ish years, this blog has had many names and many aesthetics. Over the years it’s been a story writing blog, a blog about books, and much, much more. Currently, and hopefully finally, I’ve settled on the idea that I will simply use this platform to tell life’s stories and my thoughts and opinions.

Life can often be a heavy topic, especially in this day and age, but nevertheless it is one I love to discuss. I hope you enjoy reading what I have to write!

About the Girl

Hi, I’m Hannah. I’m 17 years old, live in Southern Illinois, and am proud to be a child of God. Through all things I am striving to be someone who abides by God’s commands, loves others, and emanates all the characteristics of a Proverbs 31 woman. While I’ll be the first to admit I fail often, I pray I only grow closer to God regardless of my mistakes.

If you’re willing to stick around, here’s some facts about me <3

My Background

  • I have been homeschooled since the beginning of my education. When I was an infant, I was almost placed into a private Christian school in our neighboring state, Indiana, but my parents decided it was best to teach me themselves. During the next 12 years I became a big sister to 7 siblings. We’ve grown up living the small town/country life, and I wouldn’t trade it for the world. If I had to choose one thing that I am greatful to my parents for, it is that raised me to love the Lord and search Him out in everything. 

My Personality

  • I am, whole heartedly, a introvert with extroverted tendencies. I love people, but I really love my people. I’m as loyal as they come, and couldn’t live without those I hold dear. I am undoubtedly a homebody, and I love quiet (which isn’t something one gets often living in a house with 9 others ;)). I am very opinionated, but am learning to temper my expression of those opinions. I love listening to others talk, and love that I can offer a listening ear to those who need it. There is so much more I would love to write, but I am sure you will see my personality through my w.riting. 

My Present

  • At this time in my life, I enjoy anything that brings me a little peace in my busy world. I love painting, reading, studying my bible, sleeping, and playing with my cat and puppy (Tico & Cleo).  During the times of crazy, I often rely upon caffeine to keep me going: vanilla lattes, London Fogs, and SF Redbulls are my current hyper fixations! Also, as I cannot go minutes without mentioning him, I have the best boyfriend ever, who we will refer to as “B”. He has shown me what real love means, and I cannot wait to see where our future takes us! Currently, my job descriptions consist of Barista Assistant, Filling Station Attendant, and Student (personally I think the last one counts).

My Future

  • The first thing I will say is that I know the future is only known by the Lord. And as is so, all that I wish to do in the future will happen if He is willing! As of now, I plan to continue my job at my filling station, and continue to plan of working in the real estate business. Prayerfully I will marry B, and after we have children become the stay-at-home wife and mother that I’ve always dreamed of being. 


Thank you for reading, I hope to see you in future posts! Love,

Hannah H. <3