Hey, I’m Hannah Hawkins. 

I am a teenage blogger from southern Illinois. I’ve been raised a country girl who values faith, family, friends, and hard work. 

This blog has had many names, many aesthetic appearances, and has had inconsistent posting for the past few years. The desire to begin reposting came as a spur of the moment decision, with the hopes of using this platform to share ideas, opinions, and thoughts as my world continues to spin on.

I am a very family, and people, oriented gal. Most spare time available is spent with my large family (I am the oldest of eight blondies), all my amazing friends, and the guy I am dating. Growing up in a large family, especially being the oldest, has allowed me to learn to appreciate the people who mean the most.

My hobbies are many and varied, and I’ve learned the best way to share them is to just list them out:

> Reading – as previous people have learned, if I am asked about my favorite book, it is nigh impossible to shut me up for the extensive period of following time. The worlds my imagination manages to create from a good book’s descriptive genius are likely to live forever in the plains of my mind.  

>  Baking – a therapy of mine that I’m happy to say my entire family appreciates.

>  Art – I am not the best artists by any means, but painting and charcoal drawing are two of my favorite pastimes.

>  Hanging out with friends and family – as previously stated.   

>  Singing – I am consistently humming or loudly singing throughout the day. My car is known for having the bass turned as high as possible, and the volume is close to ear shattering. 

>  Playing games – board games, card games, you name it and I’ll play it. Checkers is my game of choice.

>  Watching Movies – I am the type of person to invest herself into a movie no matter the genre, age range, or theatric style. It could be a cartoon and I shall be on the proverbial edge of my seat, but likely hidden and panicking for the character’s outcome.  

>  Writing – blogging is just an extension of my writing passion. Previously, before life became insanely busy, I had managed to write two novels, and multiple short stories. 

The Christian  faith I hold is a faith deeply rooted in a love for Jesus, my Lord and Savior. I’m privileged to be able to attend a bible believing and teaching church every Sunday, one where I am able to learn about the God whom I serve. I have been blessed with a family who has instilled good values into my upbringing, a family that helps me along my Christian walk. 

Much of my time now is spent studying and learning as a high school and college student. I will graduate high school this May, and plan to have a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration by mid or late 2024. After my 18th birthday I will take the tests to have licenses in both Brokering and Real Estate Appraising. 

If this has been an even slight inside look into who I am as a person, then I have succeeded. Hopefully the following posts will allow me to share my thoughts with the small community I have gathered, even if the posts are few and far between. 

Until next time Readers.